Friday, September 24, 2010

Barron's: Why You Need to Own Gold

By: Dan Weil

Millions of investors have caught the gold bug, and for good reason, Barron’s explains.

“Gold prices have tripled since 2004, and more recent worries about global economic health, sovereign risk, inflation and resources demand have given prices a fresh lift,” Barron’s reports. “These worries won't ebb soon, so gold will likely continue to gain.”

Gold keeps climbing to new record highs, with the latest at $1,298 an ounce. Until recently, many investment advisers said you should have about 5 percent of your assets in gold. Now some are suggesting a higher weighting.

"The percentage in gold is a very personal matter,” Felix Zulauf, head of Zulauf Asset Management in Switzerland, told Barron’s.

“Some feel comfortable with 5 percent and some with 50 percent." The 10 percent level is good for many investors.

A key selling point for gold is that it helps diversify your investment portfolio. (more)

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