Friday, July 25, 2014

Arch Crawford – Stock Market Peak Approaching

from Financial Survival Network
Arch Crawford, an FSN regular, uses a combination of technical and astrological charts to track the markets and the economy.
He believes the stock market is very close to a peak. From there, it won’t be pretty. But it will be good for gold and silver, so get ready now.
There’s lots of factors involved in this forecast so listen closely.
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Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC)

Teradata Corporation provides analytic data platforms, marketing and analytic applications, and related consulting services in the United States and internationally. Its analytic data platforms comprise software, hardware, and related business consulting and support services for data warehousing, active intelligence, big data analytics, and data discovery. The company’s products comprise Teradata Analytic Database Software that delivers near real-time intelligence; Teradata Workload-Specific Platforms; Teradata Aster Discovery Platform, which is pre-configured with Teradata Aster Database; and Teradata Logical Data Models that are blueprints for designing an integrated data warehouse.
Review the 1-year chart of Teradata (NYSE: TDC) below with my added notations:
1-year chart of Teradata (NYSE: TDC)
TDC has formed a key level of support at $40.00 (blue) over the last 8 months. In addition, the stock has created a down trending resistance starting from the beginning of April (red). These two lines combined have TDC stuck trading within a common chart pattern known as a descending triangle, and at some point, the stock has to break support or break its string of lower highs.

The Tale of the Tape: TDC has formed a descending triangle pattern. A short trade could be made on a break of the $40.00 support level. A break through $43.00 would break the down trending resistance and would set up a potential long trade. A long trade could also be made on a pullback to $40.
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Warren Buffett's "Best Indicator" Is Flashing Bubble Red

While Bob Shiller's CAPE has been flashing red warnings for a while, String Advisors Stephen Jones warns it is flawed because corporate events can affect a specific company’s earnings and the broader profit outlook differently. However, Warren Buffett's "best single measure of where valuations stand," comparing the market value of US companies to the gross national product before inflation, is flashing near record bubble red... Still we are sure, you'll be able to exit before everyone else when this ends...

Source: Bloomberg
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Breakdown Predicts Double-Digit Drop in Harley-Davidson (NYSE: HOG)

Harley-Davidson (NYSE: HOG) suffered its biggest loss in two years on Tuesday, falling 5.4% following its second-quarter earnings report. While the iconic American company reported better-than-expected earnings, it lowered its forecast for new motorcycle shipments for the full year. The sharp sell-off broke through some significant support, and as a result, the charts now favor the downside in the multi-month time frame.

HOG reported a 34% year-over-year hike in earnings per share to $1.62, which was better than the Street's estimates of $1.46. Revenue for the quarter increased 12% to $2 billion, also beating analysts' estimates for $1.84 billion. Motorcycles shipments in the quarter were up 9% from Q2 2013 to 92,217.  (more)

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King Dollar is 70! Is it now Out with the Old? McAlvany Weekly Commentary

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