Thursday, February 26, 2015

One Of The Greatest Danger Signals Is Now Flashing RED!

Today one of the greatest danger signals is flashing RED!
DANGER – From Investors Intelligence:  “A major worry is now signaled from the spread between the bulls and bears. It jumped to 45.4%. Differences over 30% are a worry and above 40% signal major caution.” (see chart below)
Sentiment Chart

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The 10 Highest Dividend Yields in the S&P/TSX 60: BCE, CM, CPG, CVE, PBA, TAC, ARX, BCE, IPL, NA, PPL,TA

Once upon a time, you actually received interest when you lent out money—but now everything has changed.
Today, in Europe at least, investors have to pay for the privilege of lending money to the government. Bond yields in a number of countries—including France, Germany, and Switzerland—are now negative.
That’s why dividend stocks can be so tantalizing. If you can build a portfolio that yields 4% to 6%, you’re well on your way to generating respectable income. (more)

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Chen Lin – Using Austrian Economics to Make Money

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The Most Important Commodity For Housing Is Screaming “Recession” / by Tyler Durden on 02/25/2015 16:53
While Crude Oil and Dr. Copper are often cited as economic indicators, as we noted previously, in factLumber prices are the most correlated with ISM and GDP of all industrial commodities (h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer). That is a problem. Lumber prices are tumbling – breaking to 18-month lows today. We have seen this picture before, and it did not end well…
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Has the China RRR cut put a bottom in copper?

In a week of reports from major mining companies including Rio Tinto, Market Analyst Jasper Lawler looks at the outlook for copper given the recent sharp decline in prices and the action taken by the Chinese central bank.
Jasper covers
• The difficulty of China’s economic transition
• Improved production at mining companies
• The sharp sell-off in copper in January and subsequent rebound
• The impact of Chinese fiscal and monetary policy
• The impact of the USD and oil prices on copper
Copper rebounded from 5 ½ year lows last week to record its biggest weekly gain since August on the back of new stimulus measures in China and a rebound in oil prices.(more)

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