Saturday, December 12, 2009

Most Recent Insider Selling to Buying Ratio: 82:1

You would think that insiders would finally change their tune after almost a year of straight line gains in the market. Think again. The most recent insider trading data from finviz indicates that insider sellling outpaces buying by a ratio of 82! In the most recent data set, $11.6 million in stock was purchased by insiders, while a whopping $957 million was sold. And somehow pundits are still spinning this mass orchestrated sell into the bid by those in the know as a bull market. (more)

Jim Rogers: Lessons from a Legend

Last night I took a trip down to Miami to visit with Jim Rogers at a book signing for his most recent book entitled A Gift to My Children: A Father’s Lessons for Life and Investing. After speaking briefly about his 3 year tour around the globe, he spoke a little about the aforementioned book and took questions from the audience. These are the general themes I took away, in no particular order:

Jim said numerous times he is a terrible market timer, he went as far to say he’s not the worst in the room but the worst in the world ... very humble.

While Jim’s primary residence is in Singapore, he also has a dwelling here in Florida. What I found interesting is that he rents and does not own his home here in Florida. The fact that he sold a lavish residence in New York before the real estate crash and rents here in Florida may mean that his timing is better in real estate. (more)

Soros: Greece, Dubai, U.K. Won’t Default

Despite the downgrade of Greece’s credit rating to the lowest in the Eurozone, the country won’t default on its debt, says hedge fund legend George Soros.

In an interview with Sky Television, he said the U.K., whose credit rating may be at risk, and Dubai, which is suffering a financial crisis, won’t default either.

"There has to be pressure on Greece to put its house in order but I'm sure that Greece will not be allowed to default. The same applies to the U.K.,” Soros said. (more)

Analyst: Greece, Ireland May Leave Euro

The economic crises in Greece and Ireland may necessitate financial bailouts or even an exit from the euro for these countries, according to Standard Bank analyst Steve Barrow.

“Countries like Ireland and Greece may not be able to grow out of the current crisis,” Barrow, head of G-10 currency strategy for the bank, told Bloomberg.

“With interest-rate cuts, exchange-rate depreciation and significant fiscal support all off limits for these countries, bailouts or even pullouts from EMU (European Monetary Union) may happen next year.” (more)

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