Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Macro Analytics - GLOBAL CURRENCIES: Asian Crisis

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Marathon Petroleum Corp (NYSE: MPC)

Marathon Petroleum Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, engages in refining, transporting, and marketing petroleum products primarily in the United States. It operates through Refining & Marketing, Speedway, and Pipeline Transportation segments. The company owns and operates seven refineries in the Gulf Coast and Midwest regions of the United States, which refine crude oil and other feedstocks; and distribute refined products through barges, terminals, and trucks, as well as purchases ethanol and refined products for resale. Its refined products include gasoline, distillates, propane, feedstocks and special products, heavy fuel oil, and asphalt. Marathon Petroleum Corporation markets its refined products to resellers, consumers, independent retailers, wholesale customers, marathon-branded jobbers, its Speedway convenience stores, airlines, transportation companies, and utility companies, as well as exports its refined products.
Please take a look at the 1-year chart of MPC (Marathon Petroleum Corporation) below with my added notations:
1-year chart of MPC (Marathon Petroleum Corporation) Even though the overall stock market has moved higher this year, MPC stalled back in March. Since then the stock has created a downtrending resistance (navy) and a key price level at $75 (red) that has been both support (April/May) and resistance (June-August). Last week MPC not only approached the $75 resistance, it also hit the downtrending resistance.
The Tale of the Tape: MPC has hit two key resistance levels. The stock currently is ripe for a short trade, but a long trade could be made on a break above $75 with a stop placed below that level.
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Self-Employment as a Form of Preparedness

As the economy in the United States becomes increasingly complex, job opportunities continue to shift toward specialized skills. Employees working at large companies are required to have little or no understanding of how their company operates as a whole.

Like any specialized tool, many employees have become useful for only one thing. This presents a real problem for workers who get laid off or fired, because finding another job with a specialized skill set can be a difficult task.

A side effect of this problem is an increasing dependence on our interconnected system. Necessities like food and water are expected to always be provided and available at the local Wal-Mart in exchange for the dollars earned performing a totally unrelated task.
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MORGAN STANLEY: Many Of Our Clients Are Preparing For An Imminent Loss Of Central Bank Control

The Federal Reserve is contemplating unwinding its quantitative easing program, which at $85 billion in bond buying per month has constituted the single largest provision of marginal liquidity to global financial markets since this latest iteration of the stimulus program was launched in September 2012.

Such a move appears imminent – the consensus in the marketplace is that the first step in tapering back quantitative easing will be announced at the conclusion of the Fed's September 18-19 FOMC policy meeting.

This prospect has roiled global stock and bond markets in recent months, and in response to the increased volatility, the Fed has sought to reassure investors that it would continue to max out its other (main, in fact) policy stimulus tool – control over the level of benchmark interest rates – for years to come. (more)

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Louise Yamada – 3 Fantastic Gold, Silver & Mining Share Charts

Gold Spot price (GOLDS-1,395.15, see Figure 19) retreated only toward 1,287 before establishing a rally that was eventually able to penetrate the declining 50-day MA as well as the short-term downtrend from the May rally to establish a higher low and the push through 1,345, which set in place the first higher high since September 2012, establishing the first uptrend.
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Prepare for Rising Rates with These ETFs: BSV, BKLN, TBT, VGT, XLI

A slew of positive economic data in the last few days has led many market participants to believe that the Fed will start tapering this month. On the other hand, some analysts still think that there are a number of factors that support the case for continuation in QE at current levels.

While no one can actually predict whether they will or they will not decide on tapering in the upcoming meeting, it appears that the market has already priced in some tapering—about $10 to $15 billion cut in the $85 billion monthly purchases. The actual timing is somewhat irrelevant now—it may start in September, December or early next year. (Read: 3 Cyclical ETFs for an Improving Economy)

In anticipation of tapering, interest rates have moved up significantly, the 10-year Treasury note yield touched 3% yesterday—the highest since July 2011 and a sharp move from 1.6% seen earlier this year. Rising rates have resulted in increasing losses for bonds. (more)

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