Saturday, May 31, 2014

David Gurwitz Reloaded – Gold Silver Lows Getting Very Close

from Financial Survival Network
David Gurwitz of Charles Nenner Research joined us to update last week’s bad audio recording.
Yes, right on schedule, we’re seeing the projected lows in gold and silver kick in. You can speculate as to why.
David sees $1150-$1160 as the potential bottom, sometime in July. After that it could be happy days are here again… At least David seems to think so, and the cycles are looking good for Apple too, $750!
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James Turk – One Of The Most Astonishing Charts In History / May 29, 2014
On the heels of some strange trading in global markets, today James Turk sent King World News one of the most astonishing charts in history.  All KWN readers around the world need to take a good look at the 25-year chart that is featured by Turk in his interview below.
Turk:  “Two days ago we discussed the options related smash in gold and silver.  Well, today I sent you one of the most astonishing charts in history.  Eric, I’ve never seen a financial asset class as distorted as the one shown in the chart below….
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How to Avoid Penny Stock Pumpers

The Wolf of Wall Street is back. But this time, he has an internet connection.
“Spam messages hyping penny stocks are multiplying, accounting for 16% of unwanted email in 2013, up from less than 1% the year before,” MarketWatch reports. “Regulators also charged five penny-stock promoters last week for schemes to inflate share prices to feign market interest, including two cases that involved plans to send email blasts.”

Yes, the pump and dump schemers are out in full-force—and they’re coming for you.
The cycle of a promoted stock
Recently, the SEC and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority said stock spam has kicked into high gear, according to MarketWatch, representing the “inbox equivalent of a boiler room sales operation.”

But he financial media’s obsession with the scammers and the high-flying stocks they tout isn’t doing you any good at all…

Our own microcap expert Thompson Clark says all the media attention given to these so-called “investments” just feeds right into the hands of pump-and-dump scammers.
“The news articles are absurd,” Thompson says. “Instead of warning investors, they do the opposite. That is, they encourage investors to look for these ‘story’ stocks, expecting ridiculous gains with no risk.”

Thompson spends his days sifting through the filth in the over-the-counter market to dig up the few ideas he finds worthy of a serious investment. And he even uses microcap’s shady reputation to his advantage…

“Think about it this way,” he explains.” The average perception of microcaps is that they’re 100% full of scam artists and shady promoters. If that’s the case, then there must be a lot of promoters. That’s because there’s currently over 7,500 listed microcap stocks in the US alone.”

With fear and panic comes opportunity. Of course, there’s no promoting involved in Thompson’s investment thesis. It’s just simple math, economics, and common sense.
“As long as the average investor thinks microcaps are rife with frauds, I’ll continue to recommend my readers invest in them. The less competition, the better. Take, for example, a microcap company that I recently recommended to my subscribers. It’s been a publicly traded microcap for close to twenty years.

“It’s very possible this tiny company could become a billion dollar company.  Soon…”
And stay away from those promoted stocks. They’ll bring you nothing but trouble…
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Expect a Tsunami of Municipal Bankruptcies

by Michael Kling
Money News

More cities will go bankrupt like Detroit, predicts a government expert.
Rising pension-fund and health-care costs are putting enormous pressure on state and local governments, Richard Ravitch, who is advising Detroit’s bankruptcy judge, tells CNBC. Plus, the federal government, attempting balance its own budget, has cut its funding to cities.
Politicians prefer not to raise taxes or cut services, so have repeatedly issued bonds to borrow, kicking the tough decisions down the road.
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Unless You Want to Go to Prison, Read This Before Taking Money Out of Your Bank

George Soros won’t go to prison for taking his money out of the bank, but you could, if you are not very careful.
In response to yesterday’s article which detailed how it is a good idea to monitor George Soros’ money movements, because they are predictive of future economic collapses as they have been so many times before. We should all be more a little more than nervous when Soros, in the first quarter of 2014, removed his money from three megabanks.
“Rick” wrote to me following the publication of yesterday’s article with some very pointed concerns and questions. Here is his response:
“Ok, the idea of removing your money from the bank for me is a joke! I have a substantial amount in 3 different accounts. It’s VERY difficult to remove more than $8,000 or $9,000 at a time without extreme scrutiny from the IRS and the DEA. Plus, the banks will tell you that frequently they don’t have enough on hand to give you even $8,000. If you close your account, guess what? They give you a check, NOT cash! So you have to go to another bank WITH A CHECK once more!
So, how does one remove their money from the bank without causing  major transaction reports to be filed with the government about your banking activities????
Dave, thus, please give us tips on how to remove substantial amounts of cash without incurring the wrath of the government, and how to take out large amounts of cash to begin with, as the banks discourage taking out more than $1,000 to $3,000 dollars in any given transaction.”
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