Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kyle Bass Provides His View of What Is Ahead

Kyle Bass is an outstanding analyst of economic and investment conditions. His track record is as good as anyone’s in terms of staying ahead of events.
For anybody who is an investor or concerned about the economic future, watch this video. Mr. Bass is one of the few people I would pay to listen to.

We live in interesting times and are about to face unprecedented outcomes. Someone like Mr. Bass is able to view these unprecedented economic and investment opportunities better than most. He is not bound by “it has never happened before” but using hard analysis to develop his expected outcomes.
As always, Kyle  Bass’s views are unique and may or may not come to pass. We are in a very unstable situation and government clumsiness, whether in economic or geopolitical interventions, can dramatically change current trends.
Make sure you listen to the Q&A after the formal talk.
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Maguire – Stunning Asian Gold Demand & A Surprise In Silver / May 9, 2014
Today London metals trader Andrew Maguire spoke with King World News about the stunning Asian gold demand and a huge surprise in the silver market.  Below is what London metals trader Andrew Maguire had to say in Part I of a powerful series of interviews that will be released on KWN.

Eric King:  “Andrew, what kind of tonnage have we seen taken out of the gold market, even though we’ve been in a sideways consolidation in gold?  Are the Asians and the Chinese still in there buying aggressively?”

Maguire:  “Absolutely, they are.  All the media reports you see regarding Chinese demand tailing off are totally false.  Using the published data you can clearly see that over 326 tons was drawn down in the first quarter.  That’s flat compared to 2013, but that’s a huge amount of gold tonnage being drawn down….

Continue reading the Andrew Maguire interview below…
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The End of the Stock Market: Porter Stansberry

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Jerry Robinson – Big Changes Ahead Happening In 2014

from Financial Survival Network
We caught up with our good friend Jerry Robinson of Follow The Money Daily. Listen in as we discuss:
  • China ascendancy continues;
  • Hidden history of the Fed;
  • Bearish chart formation on NASDAQ and Russell 2k;
  • ECB to start printing money in June;
  • Five levels of financial freedom.
Click Here to Listen to the Audio
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Sprott – It Is Possible That We Will See $400 – $1,000 Silver / May 9, 2014
Today billionaire Eric Sprott spoke with King World News about whether or not it is possible to see the price of silver reach the astonishing levels of between $400 to $1,000 an ounce.  The Canadian billionaire also discussed the gold market and the day that China buys gold but can’t get delivery.  Below is what Sprott, Chairman of Sprott Asset Management, had to say in Part II of a remarkable series of interviews that will be released today.
Sprott:  “I hope that we find out that there is no gold left because I think we are dealing with the bottom of the vaults.  Jams Turk was making a comment that we are starting to see 1960s bars showing up at the refineries.  Well, that’s just because they are getting to the bottom of the barrel….
Continue reading the Eric Sprott interview below…
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Technical Analysis of the 10-yr Treasury Note

Today I want to take a look at what the US 10-year Treasury Note futures are doing. There was a bond auction on Thursday that brought some intraday volatility to the bond market. But has anything changed? I personally don’t think so. I believe this chart tells the real story.
We’re looking at a 1 year daily candlestick chart for $ZN_F  to represent the benchmark 10yr note. Look at the series of higher lows since last summer with clear overhead supply just above the 125 level. I really love it when we have a flat top like this:
5-8-14 zn
Also noticed what originally sparked this rally: it was a failed breakdown in early September combined with a bullish divergence in momentum. Isn’t that nice?
The more times that a level is tested, the higher the likelihood that it breaks. We’re now going on 6 attempts to break through this resistance. When you have prices above their 50 and 200 day simple moving averages, with a beautiful uptrend line like this, it almost seems inevitable that a breakout is coming.
This isn’t the best news for interest rates. Looks like they are heading a lot lower if/when we do get this breakout in bonds.
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