Friday, August 8, 2014

Victor Sperandeo Warns A 1987-Style Crash Is Coming & Says Hold Gold

from KingWorldNews:
The stock market was recently at a high and yet there was no strong volume on the buy side. You had late-comers who were weak-handed holders of stock. And because there is no volume, any kind of news can set off a decline. We saw a strong GDP print, which will assuredly be revised down, but then we had the unemployment numbers come out worse than expected. Professionals on the Street such as myself were very concerned about the Employment Cost Index. That number came in at .7 percent.
The Fed may pretend not to care about commodity inflation because they say commodities go up and down, but if you look at the long term, they don’t. Commodities go up. Regardless, the Fed does look at wages as an important indicator of inflation, and they will not like that Employment Cost Index number.
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Germany’s DAX Slumps Into “Correction” – Down 10.25% From Highs / by Tyler Durden / 08/07/2014 11:50
Germany’s DAX stock index has plunged once again, to the same level as in October 2013 as European economic realities (coupled with sanctions retaliation fears) miss expectations drastically. The DAX is now in “correction”, down 10.235% from its June record highs as it appears the more the US sanctions Russia, the more Europe crumbles…
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Russian Food Ban Sends Livestock Futures Reeling

by Dan Norcini
Trader Dan Norcini

Russia has announced a retaliatory ban on food products from nations supporting the sanctions that were imposed on it in response to the ongoing events in Ukraine.
Personally the food ban is going to do nothing except to hurt their own citizens by driving up the cost of food there but it has just knocked a huge chunk of profitability out of the pockets of US livestock producers.
Here are the cattle and hog charts. You can see the carnage that the ban has produced. August cattle are limit down. Feeders were down the limit but have managed to bounce slightly. There is some buying coming into the August fats as it pops off the limit but selling remains heavy at the moment.  (more)
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Major Buy For Silver, David Stockman Chart & Market Turmoil

from King World News
With continued volatility in major markets, today KWN is pleased to share to key charts from David Stockman and another one from Europe which comes from David P. There are also some fascinating notes included from Jeffrey Saut which discuss the recent market turmoil and what to expect going forward.
Below are two key charts, from David Stockman, and David P., and an important note from Jeffrey Saut. First, here is a brief portion of Saut’s commentary:
“In the space of a few hours, deals worth more than $100bn collapsed, sparking concern about the sustainability of a transaction boom that has gathered pace since the start of the year.” . . . David Lutz, Jones Trading
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Stansberry Radio: Andrew Horowitz Says Take Some Money off the Table‏

This week, Andrew Horowitz, Host of The Disciplined Investor, joins S&A Investor Radio to comment on the market correction that everyone is predicting.

Click here to listen.

Is it possible to predict where the markets are headed? Find out what Andrew has to say about the many experts who continue to make these market forecasts.

You'll hear him explain to our listeners why investors should be cautious over the next few months and what risks are involved with investing in China and Europe.

And why are biotechs and gold good investments... you'll get all the details here.

Plus, don't miss out on this... Andrew shares a few stocks that he is buying right now!

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