Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Historic Breakout Has The Price Of Silver Set To Skyrocket

kingworldnews.com / July 7, 2014
Today KWN is putting out a special piece which features two charts showing the historic breakout in the price of silver.  This is the type of chart that the big banks follow closely, as well as big money and savvy professionals.  David P. out of Europe sent us the astonishing silver charts that all KWN readers around the world need to see.
Below are the extraordinary silver charts sent to KWN by David P. out of Europe along with his commentary.
After the strong action in silver over the past few weeks, the MACD indicator for the weekly chart is nearing a historic buy signal, the first one since turning negative late 2011.  This will be a buy signal from the most oversold position in the history of the silver market, and therefore a very interesting opportunity (see chart below):
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Trader Dan’s Grain Index Notches 42 month low

Benevolent weather and falling demand ( in anticipation of weaker prices ahead ) has led to heavy selling across the entirety of the grain floor this morning. The result is that my grain index has notched a 42 month low! This is very welcome news for the livestock and poultry industry as well as for consumers who can expect to see lower food prices ahead ( assuming of course that the trade will eventually pass through the savings).  
I should also note here, that according to the most recent Commitment of Traders data through 7-1-2014, Managed Money or Hedge Funds still remain as net longs in the corn market in spite of the fact that corn futures scored a 4 year low today. Also this same category remain net long in soybeans as well even though they have been caught on the wrong side of the market and are now in the process of liquidating long positions at a very rapid clip ( not to mention starting to build shorts). 

This informs us that if this category decides to get aggressively short, we have further downside to go across the corn and bean markets. (more)

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BlackRock, Inc. (NYSE: BLK)

BlackRock, Inc. is a publicly owned investment manager. The firm primarily provides its services to institutional, intermediary, and individual investors. It also manages accounts for corporate, public, union and industry pension plans, insurance companies, third-party mutual funds, endowments, foundations, charities, corporations, official institutions, and banks. The firm also provides offers global risk management and advisory services. It manages separate client-focused equity, fixed income, and balanced portfolios. It invests in the public equity, fixed income, real estate, and alternative markets across the globe. The firm employs liquidity, asset allocation, balanced, real estate, and alternative strategies to make its investments. In real estate sector, the firm seeks to invest in Poland and Germany.
To review BlackRock’s stock, please take a look at the 1-year chart of BLK (BlackRock, Inc.) below with my added notations:
1-year chart of BLK (BlackRock, Inc.)
Like most stocks, BLK rallied into January of this year and has since struggled to move higher. Over the last 6 months, the stock had formed a key level of resistance at $320 (blue). That resistance was also a 52-week high resistance. Well, thanks to a nice market rally yesterday, BLK finally broke through to a new high.

The Tale of the Tape: BLK broke through its 52-week high resistance level. A long trade could be made on a pullback down to that prior $320 level with a stop placed below it.
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silverdoctors.com / BY LARRY WHITE / JULY 7, 2014
Just when things seem relatively calm, the Bank for International Settlements releases its annual report that issues a strong warning that significant problems are still out there in the world. Who is the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)? What did they say in this report that matters to us? Let’s take a look.
The BIS is sometimes called the “bank for Central Banks”. Here is a link to the “about us” page on their web site. It lists these bullet points as its broad mission:
  • promoting discussion and facilitating collaboration among central banks;
  • supporting dialogue with other authorities that are responsible for promoting financial stability;
  • conducting research on policy issues confronting central banks and financial supervisory authorities;
  • acting as a prime counterparty for central banks in their financial transactions; and
  • serving as an agent or trustee in connection with international financial operations.
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GlobalStar (GSAT)

The Chart of the Day belongs to GlobalStar (GSAT).  I fond the stock by sorting the New High list for new high frequency in the last month then used the Flipchart feature to review the charts.  Since the Trend Spotter signaled another buy on 4/22 the stock has gained 59.27%.

GSAT offers satellite voice and data services to commercial and recreational users in more than 120 countries around the world. GSAT's products include mobile and fixed satellite telephones, simplex and duplex satellite data modems and flexible service packages. Many land based and maritime industries benefit from GSAT with increased productivity from remote areas beyond cellular and landline service. Global customer segments include: oil and gas, government, mining, forestry, commercial fishing, utilities, military, transportation, heavy construction, emergency preparedness, and business continuity as well as individual recreational users. GSAT's data solutions are ideal for various asset and personal tracking, data monitoring and SCADA applications.

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