Friday, January 30, 2015

The Guerrilla Economist / 2015: Year of the Great Collapse

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Man Who Predicted Collapse Of Euro Against Swiss Franc Issues Third Terrifying Warning To The World

from King World News
Today the man who 59 days ago remarkably predicted the collapse of the euro against the Swiss franc just issued a third terrifying warning to the world. This King World News interview takes a trip down the rabbit hole of massive chaos, panic and wealth destruction, as well as a frightening monster that has been unleashed on the world.
Egon von Greyerz: “Eric, as you know I’ve had a long-standing forecast — for over 10 years — that gold will reach $10,000 in today’s money. I’m also convinced that in the future the world won’t have anything resembling today’s money because of all the money printing that will take place as well as the accompanying hyperinflations….
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Carter’s, Inc. (NYSE: CRI)

Carter’s, Inc. and its subsidiaries design, source, and market branded children’s wear under the Carter’s, Child of Mine, Just One You, Precious Firsts, OshKosh, and other brands. The company operates through five segments: Carter’s Wholesale, Carter’s Retail, OshKosh Retail, OshKosh Wholesale, and International.
Take a look at the 1-year chart of Carter (NYSE: CRI) with the added notations:
1-year chart of Carter (NYSE: CRI)
CRI has created a simple chart pattern known as a symmetrical triangle. Combining a down trending resistance (blue) with an up trending support (red) forms the triangle pattern. As the support and resistance converge on each other the pattern is created. Since there is no way to know which way the stock will break, most traders will wait for the breakout, or breakdown, before entering a trade.

The Tale of the Tape: CRI has formed a simple symmetrical triangle. A trader could enter a long position on a break above the down trending resistance (near $86) with a stop set under the entry level. However, if CRI were to break below the trend line support (currently at $83), a short trade could be entered with a stop above the trend line.
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Either Oil Soars Back To $88, Or Energy Stocks Have To Tumble By Over 40%

Several days ago we showed something remarkable: “current forward 12-month P/E ratio for the Energy sector is now well above the three most recent historical averages: 5-year (12.0), 10-year (11.9), and 15-year (13.6). In fact, this week marked the first time the forward 12-month P/E for the Energy sector has been equal to (or above) 22.4 since April 8, 2002. On that date, the closing price of the Energy sector was 225.15 and the forward 12-month EPS estimate was $10.05.”

Further refining this analysis and using the S&P Energy Sector Index data, the sector’s forward multiple is now an absolutely ridiculous, mindblowing 23x, the highest since 2002, having soared by nearly 100% in just the past few months as a result of collapsing energy sector earnings.
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