Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Most Undervalued, High-Yield Secure Dividend Stock

The stock market volatility and falling share prices we have experienced over the last four months have produced price disruptions that are not justified by the underlying business operations of the companies whose share prices have been driven down. Leaving the field wide open for finding extremely undervalued businesses where investors can find quick price appreciation.
In the case of high-yield stocks, a sharp drop in the share price forces investors to decide whether the decline is due to a possible dividend rate cut or is just a case of overblown fear about a dividend reduction that will not actually happen. In our case, its the latter. The stock unveiled in this article has been hammered along with the rest of the energy sector, but the good news is the business is healthy and the dividend may even increase shooting the stock price even higher. (more)

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Rick Rule: “We Haven’t Seen Capitulation In Natural Resources Yet”

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Seven Danger Signs of Stocks’ Coming Bear Market

Protect your portfolio now before the downturn begins
by Michael Sincere
Market Watch

With the U.S. stock market trying to surpass its all-time highs, many investors still don’t see the problem. After all, if the market is going up, why worry? Lately, many bulls feel invincible.
The problem is that if you wait until a bear market is formally announced, you will have lost a chunk of your paper profits. The key is to slowly take money off the table now. You may also protect your stock portfolio using hedging strategies, such as buying options.
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Robert Shiller Who Got the Dot-com and Housing Bubbles Right Says Bonds Are Next and That’s Your Gold Price Spike

by Peter Cooper
Arabian Money

In the first edition of his landmark book ‘Irrational Exuberance,’ published in 2000, the Yale professor of economics and 2013 Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller presciently warned that stocks looked especially expensive. In the second edition, published in 2005 shortly before the real estate bubble crashed, he added a chapter about real estate valuations.
And in the new edition, due out later this month, Shiller adds a fresh chapter called ‘The Bond Market in Historical Perspective,’ in which he worries that bond prices might be irrationally high. Is this the next bubble to burst in global financial markets? Bond king Bill Gross lost his job for calling this too early but that does not mean it is not going to happen. Watch out pensioners and governments!
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John Manfreda – Great Buys In The Oil Patch

from Financial Survival Network
John Manfreda is convinced that oil prices will return to and exceed their former highs, sooner rather than later.
Whether he’s right or wrong, there are some screaming buys among the downtrodden sector in the stock market. As usual the baby has been thrown out with the bath water. There’s some dividend plays that would bring a smile to Benjamin Graham’s long withered face.
John tells you all about them.
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US Rig Count Plunges By Most Since 1993, Production Hits Record Highs / by Tyler Durden on 02/13/2015 13:11
Despite the dramatic plunge in rig counts, this week saw yet another surge in production to record highs and with storage levels getting close to full, it would seem  – despite the bounce/squeeze in prices to $53 as the data hit – that supply remains well ahead of any demand. Total rig count dropped 98 to 1,358 – for the largest weekly drop of the 10 week run as cutting is accelerating rapidly – now down 30%.  This is the biggest weekly rig count drop since 1993. West Virginia remains the relative hardest hit with rig count depletions but Permian Basin collapse 49 rigs to 369 this week.
US Oil Rig Count Down 84 to 1,056
Canada Rig Count +1

Total Rig count… biggest percentage weekly drop since 1993
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