Saturday, September 14, 2013

Morgan Whistleblowers Confess Bank Manipulates Gold & Silver

from King World News
In a stunning development, two JP Morgan whistleblowers have confessed that the bank manipulates the gold and silver markets. This is truly a shocking admission by the courageous JP Morgan whistleblowers. In a blockbuster King World News interview, London metals trader Andrew Maguire told KWN that the two JP Morgan employees came directly to him with hard evidence that the bank was actively manipulating the gold and silver markets.
This is a truly catastrophic event for JP Morgan, which up to now has denied manipulating these markets. Below Maguire takes KWN readers around the world on a trip down the rabbit hole as he discusses how he led the two JP Morgan employees to turn over the evidence to a law firm which specializes in high profile whistleblowers, and also to the CFTC.
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Protecting Wealth In The Coming Collapse: Marc Faber

Faber begins by noting that "a deflationary bust, whenever it may happen (tomorrow or 10 years), is inevitable; and is the opposite of an increase in prices from inflation." Of course, it is the central banks' response to even the fears of that bust (e.g. whether it washes around the world - from EM to DM) that will turn an asset-deflationary bust into a hyperinflationary collapse in fiat currencies; and focused on the long-term, 'Gloom, Boom, & Doom Report's' Marc Faber looks at how to preserve wealth through this as he ranges from the obsolescence risk of equities to the political risk of real estate and banking risks of cash and deposits. Faber reflects on various lessons from the past (hyperinflations, wars, banking crises) and geographies as he moves from asset class to asset class highlighting the pros and cons of each. Preferring a mix of gold and diversified real estate (and not government bonds), Faber warns investors to be highly skeptical of anyone who believes they can forecast what is going to happen over the next 5-10 years.

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The Three Assets You Should Be Looking At Now

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5 Years After the Global Financial Crisis -Neil Cavuto

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Billionaire Eric Sprott: Gold is Going to $2400 by Next Summer

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India Housing Bubble Bursts; Panic Coming Next

by Mike “Mish” Shedlock
MISH’S Global Economic Trend Analysis

On August 1, in India
Housing Bubble Still Expanding
I posted a series of charts by
Deepak Shenoy, an economic blogger at Capital Mind in India.
Those charts showed the bubble in India was alive and growing. Here is one of the charts and a small bit of commentary ….
As of March 2013, Prices have more than doubled since 2009. The All-India Index is at 211, from 100 in March 2009.\
[...] The bubble is intact.
But is the bubble bursting? QoQ growth is the second lowest since the data has been recorded – an all India QoQ growth level of 2.1% (versus 6.4% last quarter).
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McAlvany Weekly Commentary

John Williams: Govt. Statistics 12 yrs after 9/11

  • Government Statistics
  • Current GDP numbers and inflation
  • Expectations of Hyper Inflation in Months and years ahead
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