Thursday, August 28, 2014

Martin Armstrong – Kiss Paper Money Goodbye and The Stock Market Will Keep On Climbing

from Financial Survival Network
We caught up with Martin Armstrong just before the holiday and the start of September. Martin says beware of early September, it may be a buying opportunity and a temporary new high. The world is a complete mess and that means the flow of funds are headed to Wall Street. Where else can large institutions park their Trillions? It’s the only game in town.
Get ready for electronic currencies. Your paper cash will literally become trash shortly and the world’s governments want it that way. Think of the billions more in taxes they’ll be able to extract. The day of the $10,000 bill is gone and soon the $100 bill will follow. Perhaps Bitcoin will be banned as well, it all remains to be seen. Just get ready for what’s next.
We also discussed Martin’s proprietary system Socrates, to which he’s devoted a large portion of his resources and his life. The system takes the emotion and opinion out of forecasting, tracing the flow of funds and confidence, thereby providing and unbiased forecast on what’s next. Sounds like an ad for the Financial Survival Network!
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Cheap Emerging Markets To Invest In

When everyone is convinced that something is going to happen, it's a good idea to bet on the opposite happening.
It's a good idea to make the "hard trade."
A hard trade is a trade that goes against your instincts. It goes against the consensus belief. It's a trade you don't want to tell your friends about because they'll tell you what a fool you are. (more)

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Xylem Inc (NYSE: XYL)

Xylem Inc. is engaged in the design, manufacture, and application of engineered technologies for the water and wastewater applications. The company operates in two segments, Water Infrastructure and Applied Water. The Water Infrastructure segment offers various products, including water and wastewater pumps, treatment and testing equipment, and controls and systems, as well as filtration, disinfection, and biological treatment equipment under the Flygt, WEDECO, Godwin Pumps, WTW, YSI, and Leopold names for transportation, treatment, and testing of water and wastewater for public utilities and industrial applications. The Applied Water segment provides pumps, valves, heat exchangers, controls, and dispensing equipment systems under the Goulds Water Technology, Bell & Gossett, AC Fire, Standard, Lowara, Jabsco, Flojet, and Flowtronex names for residential and commercial building services, industrial water, and irrigation applications.
Take a look at the 1-year chart of Xylem (Nasdaq: XYL) below with added notations:
1-year chart of Xylem (Nasdaq: XYL)
XYL has essentially been trading sideways for the last 6 months, while forming a common pattern known as a rectangle. A minimum of (2) successful tests of the support and (2) successful tests of the resistance will give you the pattern. XYL’s rectangle pattern has formed a $40 resistance (red) and a $35 support (blue). A break above $40 would also be a new 52-week high.

The Tale of the Tape: XYL is trading within a rectangle pattern. The possible long positions on the stock would be either on a pullback to $35, or on a breakout above $40. The ideal short opportunity would be on a break below $35.
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Here’s The Real Reason Why Oil Is Tumbling

from Zero Hedge

As with every other asset-class in the world now, fundamentals have taken a very distant back-seat to both liquidity (flow) and positioning (technicals) as traders are increasingly (in one way or another) on the same side of the same trade. Mainstream media will proclaim US energy “independence”, US sanctions ‘winning’ over Putin, or US airstrikes ‘calming’ down Middle East uncertainty; but the real reason oil is plunging is… the biggest mass liquidation of speculative longs in recorded 30 year history over the last few weeks
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Canadian Dollar Surges Most In 2 Years As "Tax Inversion" Euphoria Hits FX

It appears the Tim Horton's / Burger-King deal has sparked a serious surge in Canadian Dollar demand.

CAD is up almost 1% today - its best daily gain since June 2012 - pushing to its highest in a month. We suspect the momentum of the initial "tax inversion" flow merely triggered stops and broke key technical levels (200-day moving average) to extend the move as it seems the 'Canada as an offshore tax-haven meme' is a bit of reach...

200-day moving average is 1.0885...

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