Friday, October 4, 2013

Under $10 Stock Could be the Next Tesla: Kandi Technologies (NASDAQ: KNDI)

There are three primary factors to consider to increase the potential for outsized gains in the market: macroeconomic environment, societal trends and company volatility. First, let's take a brief look at each of these, and then I'll introduce a company that appears bullish on all fronts.
The Macroeconomic Environment
The overall economic environment has everything to do with the success of the stock market, as well as individual stocks.
Today, markets are tied very closely to government intervention. Government support of a certain industry or trend can supercharge the success of a company. In addition, as we have witnessed in the United States, accommodative monetary policy by the government can lift the entire market. The old adage that a rising tide lifts all ships is very true when it comes to stocks. (more)

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Low-Risk Value ETF: MGV

Seeking to find balance between these two factors, we highlight Vanguard Mega Cap Value (MGV), a top-ranked ETF with a favorably low-risk profile, based on its record, and, more importantly, its holdings.

MGV holds approximately 160 stocks that collectively are viewed as attractive, according to S&P Capital IQ equity analysts, and have strong risk attributes, as assessed using S&P Capital IQ Quality Rankings and S&P Capital IQ's Risk Assessment.

The ETF seeks to track the CRSP Mega Cap Value Index, an index run through the University of Chicago that defines value securities based on book-to-price, forward earnings-to-price, historical earnings-to-price, dividend-to-price, and sales-to-price ratios.
The median market capitalization of the index constituents at the end of June was $25 billion, but the size of each ranged from $2 billion to $400 billion.  (more)

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Goldman Sachs Group Inc (NYSE: GS)

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. provides investment banking, securities, and investment management services, as well as financial services to corporations, financial institutions, governments, and high-net-worth individuals worldwide. Its Investment Banking segment offers financial advisory services, including advisory assignments with respect to mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, corporate defense, risk management, and restructurings and spin-offs. The company's Institutional Client Services segment provides client execution services, such as fixed income, currency, and commodities client execution related to making markets in interest rate products, credit products, mortgages, currencies, and commodities; and equities related to making markets in equity products, as well as executes and clears institutional client transactions on stock, options, and futures exchanges. Its Investing and Lending segment originates longer-term loans; and invests in debt securities, loans, public and private equity securities, real estate, consolidated investment entities, distressed assets, currencies, commodities, and power generation facilities. The company's Investment Management segment provides investment products and services, as well as offers wealth advisory services, including portfolio management and financial counseling, and brokerage and other transaction services.
Please take a look at the 1 yr. chart of GS (The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc) that I have shown below with my added notations:
1 yr. chart of GS (The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc) GS has formed a slight channel upward over the last (4) months. A channel is simply formed through the combination of a trend line support that runs parallel to a trend line resistance. When it comes to a channel any (3) points can start the channel, but it's the 4th test and beyond that confirm it. You can see that GS has multiple test points between the channel resistance (red) and the channel support (blue). Following the GS channel can provide you with both long and short trading opportunities.

The Tale of the Tape: GS has formed a common chart pattern know as a channel, in this case, an up-channel. A long opportunity could be entered on a pullback to the channel support, which is approaching $153. Short trades could be entered at channel resistance OR if GS were to break below the channel support.
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TDI Podcast: Stock Picks, McClellan on Gold and Sunspots (#332)

Guest:   Tom McClellan provides us some insight into the cycles that are now in play for the markets. What does the McClellan oscillator say about current conditions and what is the 13 1/2 month cycle for gold all about? The potential fallout over the budget debt ceiling as well as a few stocks such as Tesla (TSLA) , HomeAway (AWAY)and more…


Tom McClellan is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point where he studied aerospace engineering, and he served as an Army helicopter pilot for 11 years. He began his own study of market technical analysis while still in the Army, and discovered ways to expand the use of his parents’ indicators to forecast future market turning points. Tom views the movements of prices in the financial market through the eyes of an engineer, which allows him to focus on what the data really say rather than interpreting events according to the same “conventional wisdom” used by other analysts. In 1993, he left the Army to join his father in pursuing a new career doing this type of analysis. Tom and Sherman spent the next 2 years refining their analysis techniques and laying groundwork.
In April 1995 they launched their newsletter, The McClellan Market Report, an 8 page report covering the stock, bond, and gold markets, which is published twice a month. They utilize the unique indicators they have developed to present their view of the market’s structure as well as their forecasts for future trend direction and the timing of turning points. A Daily Edition was added in February 1998 to give subscribers daily updates on their indicators and also provide market position indications for stocks, bonds and gold. Their subscribers range from individual investors to professional fund managers. Tom serves as editor of both publications, and runs the newsletter business from its location in Lakewood, WA.
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Man Who Predicted Gold Takedown Tells Investors What’s Next

from KingWorldNews:
Kaye: “This is a convenient time for manipulation because China’s retail market is closed. In other words, this is the biggest holiday of the year for the Chinese, and this will have a significant impact on wholesale demand in China from high net worth individuals and others.
It’s apparent that the powers that be — the Fed, the BIS, the major central banks — are using this opportunity to push the paper price lower….
Eric King: “You warned ahead of time, in last week’s KWN audio interview, that we were going to see this smash in gold and silver — that we were going to test the lows.”
William Kaye continues @
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