Monday, January 3, 2011


Mike Savage of the Savage Financial Group discusses which commodities are likely to continue surging in 2011. Savage likes uranium mining companies, silver due to its industrial utility and says natural gas is beginning to break out of its long bear market:

Silver Shortage This Decade, Silver Will Be Worth More Than Gold

Top Stocks Pick for 2011-Stocks to Buy for 2011

What Stocks are to buy 2011? Below are the list of my Top Stocks Pick for 2011.Year 2010 was historical gain in stock market, I recommended a lot stocks, these are Best Performing Stocks Top Stock Gainers & Top Penny Stock Gainers in past years. I recommended Acme Packet,Inc (APKT) at $10 per share. Acme Packet,Inc (APKT) share is trading $55 in December 24, 2010. Another hot stock, Apple (AAPL) which I recommended at $180 at my purchase price at the beginning of the 2010 year.Apple (AAPL) share is trading $323 in December 24, 2010.

2011 will be another good stock market.There are couple of stocks I am keep buying any weakness in the market correction for 2011.

Apple Inc.(AAPL)-Apple Inc. (AAPL) is trading new 52 weeks high which is $325.72.Stock will have minor resistance located at $330.If Apple share break over $330 we could see $350-$375, my next 2011 target. I think stock is for long term buy $260-$270 which is 50 day moving average any market correction.Apple share will not next leg as long as break over $330.Apple should hang around the $291-$300 support line for stop here if you are long term holder.I will keep on waiting for this area again long term next 6 months, apple could see $350-$375 target.

Citigroup, Inc. (C)-The Treasury Department said that a final offering of about 2.4 billion shares of Citigroup Inc. common stock had been priced at $4.35 per share. With the proceeds of the sale, the government will have released $57 billion on its bailout package for the big bank.After that, Citigroup common stock is trading nicely over $4.50 level. Stock remains a solid long term buy below $4.00 and a strong buy below $3.80.I will keep on eye on it, Stock could be double from here.But Citigroup might be reverse split 1:10 in 2011 because the board of director already approved, so it will happen in 2011.So that case stock will sells off it will be good buying opportunity.

Back of America (BAC)-Bank of America is closed near $13 in December 2010.I am holding share of Bank of America under $12.In 2011 stock could see $20 stock but my personal opinion stock could see $25 near future which is big return from here.This would probably cause the stock market to correction come near future which is good buying opportunity.This is my one top pick for 2011.

Cisco Systems, Inc (CSCO)- Cisco Systems is trading under $20 in December with bad earning news.I think stock may be found some support level at $19 if broke $19 next support area $17.82.Cisco Systems is a strong buy below $17-$18 per share for long term buy list for 2011.Stock could see $25-$30 in 2011.

Research In Motion Ltd. (RIMM) - Another stock good buy for 2011. Because may be some people will take the money from Apple to Research In Motion.Stock is trading under $60 in December.Stock is buy under $50 level good long term buying opportunity. Stock can go $70-$80 year end which is 30-40% gain.

Ford Motor Co. (F)- Ford is another good stock for 2011.Stock is trading near $17 level in December 2010. I am holding from $11 level and I am buyer any weakness near future.Stock could see $25-$27 in 2011.If any correction in market stock could buy near 200 day moving average which is $13 level.Ford remains a strong buy on any major pullback.This is my long term investment.

General Electric Co. (GE)-General Electric Co. (GE) is another good short for 2011.Stock could be good buy any weakness in market correction.Another stock can go $20+ next 12 months. I am holding from low $10.Any weakness stock is under $15 is buy.

DryShips Inc. (DRYS)-Share of DRYS can double in next 12 months. Stock is buy under $4 which is good opportunity for long term buy.If we buy from low $5 level stock can year end $10-$12 .

Energy Conversion Devices, Inc.(ENER)-Share of ENER can double in next 12 months.ENER has solid support in $4 level which is trading for last few months. If we buy from low $4 level stock can year end $10-$15. (more)


This week we look at China PMI, US house prices, US consumer confidence, French GDP results, and Japan’s unemployment and inflation situation.

1. China PMI
China recorded slightly lower PMI figures for December with the HSBC index falling to 54.4 from 55.3 and the CFLP index falling to 53.9 from 55.2. Clearly there are a few issues bubbling away i.e. a spike in inflation… and more importantly – how the authorities deal with it. That alone will be one of the biggest wild-cards for 2011.

2. US Housing
The US housing market saw further weakness with the October reading of the Case-Shiller index down both on a monthly and annual basis. There’s not much else to say on this one, house prices ran ahead of themselves and the market needs to correct – further government measures may put a temporary floor under the market, but the question is how long would that be necessary before the fundamentals finally came around? Another couple of years of flat house prices wouldn’t be a surprise. (more)

Money Today - January 2011

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Goldman Sachs Price Targets For 2011: S&P 500 Index, Oil, Natural Gas, Euro Currency, Yen, Gold & Copper


Barton Biggs, Traxis Partners and Jeffrey Gerson, Gerson Guarino & Meisel Group founding partner provide their predictions and outlook for 2011. Gerson says the housing double dip is likely to worsen in 2011 and will pressure the economy. Gerson is approaching the markets in a cautious and tactical manner because he believes the market is unlikely to regain the highs as soon as many might think. Barton Biggs, however, is extremely bullish. Although he believes the market is overbought he says the market can continue to rally higher in the early portion of 2011:

Global Crash JPMorgan Campaign – BUY SILVER!

The Crash JPMorgan – Buy Silver Campaign that was initiated by Max Keiser is still underway and going strong. What seems to be lacking is a more broadened effort to transfer paper assets to physical assets. People the world over are waking up to the Fiat Paper Schemes of the Central Banks and their fraud of wealth.

Efforts to bring the world into complete destruction are moving right along and to the average person, there doesn’t seems to be any way to combat this. What those skeptics and ordinary people need is a wakeup call to what is going on. Who will inform them about the Federal Reserve being a Central Bank which is neither Federal nor a Bank – it is a privately owned Cartel of Banking Families.

What evidence does one need except to realize that the entire Fractional Reserve Money System is Digital – Electronic. These Trillions of dollars of Debt are fictional – calculated – much like a derivative in Calculus. Derivatives are a Financial Weapon designed to destroy Empire. These so called Derivatives were not allowed to be traded, until the banks through their operatives, were able to remove Glass Steagall protections which kept separate Commercial and Private Investments of Individuals Investors and Corporate Entities.

What needs to happen is a return to Glass Stegall to protect and separate Private Investment from Speculative Assets – two of which is the Credit Default Swaps and Mortgage Backed Securities. This is the only way to protect and shelter your private assets from the bankers financial control and manipulation. (more)

US Economic Calendar for the Week

DateTime (ET)StatisticForActualBriefing ForecastMarket ExpectsPriorRevised From
Jan 310:00 AMConstruction SpendingNov--0.4%0.2%0.7%-
Jan 310:00 AMISM IndexDec-58.057.356.6-
Jan 410:00 AMFactory OrdersNov--0.6%-0.4%-0.9%-
Jan 42:00 PMFOMC Minutes------
Jan 43:00 PMAuto SalesJan-NA3.7M3.8M-
Jan 43:00 PMTruck SalesJan-NANA5.5-
Jan 43:00 PMTruck SalesJan-NA5.3M5.5M-
Jan 57:00 AMMBA Mortgage Purchase Index12/31-NANA-18.6%-
Jan 57:30 AMChallenger Job CutsDec-NANA-3.3%-
Jan 58:15 AMADP Employment ChangeDec-120K100K93-
Jan 510:00 AMISM ServicesDec-56.055.755.0-
Jan 510:30 AMCrude Inventories01/01-NANA-1.26M-
Jan 68:30 AMInitial Claims01/01-415K405K388K-
Jan 68:30 AMContinuing Claims12/25-4000K4070K4128K-
Jan 78:30 AMNonfarm PayrollsDec-150K132K39K-
Jan 78:30 AMNonfarm Private PayrollsDec-175K142K50K-
Jan 78:30 AMUnemployment RateDec-9.9%9.8%9.8-
Jan 78:30 AMHourly EarningsDec-0.1%0.1%0.0%-
Jan 78:30 AMAverage WorkweekDec-34.334.334.3-
Jan 73:00 PMConsumer CreditNov-$2.0B-$2.5B$3.4B-