Saturday, June 15, 2013

What We Are Witnessing Right Now Is Historic & Unprecedented

from King World News
On the heels of banks being accused of rigging the currency markets and the US reporting a widening budget deficit, today King World News interviewed one of the savviest individuals in the business, 43-year market veteran Jeffrey Saut, who is Chief Investment Strategist for $360 billion Raymond James. Saut told KWN that what we are witnessing right now in the markets is historic and unprecedented.
Eric King: “Jeffrey, despite the pullback, I can’t help but notice that we still haven’t had 3 straight down days in the Dow during this entire run.”
Saut: “That’s true. In fact today marks day 112 in the buying stampede. Previously, the longest buying stampeded chronicled in my notes of over 50 years was the 53 day march we saw to the upside in 2010. So it’s pretty historic what’s been going on here….
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Charles Nenner Research’s Managing Director Says Stocks Will Drop More Than 60% Over Next 7 Years

Mike Norman, Hard Assets Investor (Norman): Hello everybody, and welcome to HardAssetsInvestor. I'm Mike Norman, your host. Today my guest is David Gurwitz, who's the managing director of Charles Nenner Research. Happy to have you here.

David Gurwitz, managing director, Charles Nenner Research (Gurwitz): Nice to meet you. And thanks for having me.

Norman: You guys made a terrific call in gold a couple of years ago when your research, and the algorithms that you used, called the top at $1,900. So I'm very curious to hear what you have to say about gold now, as well as some of these other markets.

Gurwitz: Great. First let me tell you how it works, and then gold happens to be a specific category that fits in with everything else. Cycles come from the Greek word "circle." And what we do is we take any data series and find basically repeating top-to-tops. I'll give you an example. In baseball, to hit for the cycle, you have to have a single, double, triple and homer. People think of the nine-year cycle.  (more)

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A Summer Gold & Silver Explosion That Will Shock The World

from King World News
With gold and silver rallying on the heels of continued US dollar weakness, today James Turk told King World News that we may see an explosion in the price of gold and silver this summer that will literally shock the world and catch professionals and private investors totally by surprise. Turk cited a remarkable advance in the price of gold and silver three decades ago which may serve as a potential roadmap, and also help KWN readers around the world to understand the massive upside potential here.
Eric King: “James, what might surprise people this summer?”
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City Dwellers At Greatest Risk

Roman-ruins Paul-Bril
History stands as witness that those who live in cities are at the greatest risk as we move forward. This is why we see population increases in cities as the economy expands and then it contracts as the economy declines. City living becomes the most dangerous because everything has to be imported from water to food. As the economy declines and civil unrest rises, the worst place to live will be living in a city. That is also where real estate will collapse the most when economic stability declines.
The population of Rome is indicative of the entire crisis. We are moving toward the break-up of cities as taxes rise and they chase out people who take their wealth leaving behind the least intelligent who end up losing everything.
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Alasdair Macleod – The World’s Bills Are Coming Due Now

from Financial Survival Network
We caught up with Alasdair Macleod today. The Japanese government’s recent actions have helped further destabilize the world economy. Japan’s rapidly aging population now needs their savings to live on. Therefore, they have no choice but to print the difference. This is spreading across the world to newly developing countries. Stocks markets around the world, with the exception of the US, are in trouble. The limitations of money printing will shortly become apparent. Therefore, prices are going to go way higher and so will interest rates. Therefore, a new phase of the crisis is sure to emerge shortly. Governments need to admit once and for all that Keynesianism has outlived its usefulness.
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World Bank Warns on Fed Tightening Shock for Emerging Markets

Emerging markets risk an interest rate shock once the US Federal Reserve and other Western authorities start to withdraw global liquidity, the World Bank has warned.
by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

“There is the risk that the transition to higher rates occurs in an abrupt and disruptive fashion. In such a scenario, markets react pre-emptively, potentially trapping some participants in vulnerable positions that appeared manageable under low interest rates.”
The bank warned that banks “may be at particular risk” in countries that have let rip with the biggest asset bubbles. The institution cut its growth forecast for the global economy to 2.2pc this year, a world recession under the bank’s traditional definition, chiefly due to faltering momentum in China and the rest of Asia.
The World Bank said real interest rates were likely to jump by up to 270 points in the more heavily indebted BRICS states and other emerging markets as the West unwinds quantitative easing, and the tightening cycle starts in earnest.
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Pimco, Faber Forecast New Global Recession

by Jason Farrell
Daily Reckoning

Global bond manager Pacific Investment Management Co. (Pimco) sees a 60% chance of global recession within three to five years.
“The global economy,” says Pimco analyst Saumil Parikh, “experiences a recession every six years or so.” The last certified global recession was four years ago.
Vancouver veteran Dr. Marc Faber went on record last year saying he believed the chance of a global recession in 2013 was “100%.”
Last week, Faber told CNBC that recent Dow highs were “not to be trusted.” Jim Rogers, another Vancouver alum, with whom we just recorded the Zero Hour scenario has also been forecasting a recession. “You should be very worried about 2013-2014” Rogers warns…
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