Tuesday, June 7, 2016

OAS Oasis Petroleum, Still In An Uptrend and Looking To Breakout

JUNO Juno Therapeutics, Breakout On Heavy Volume

MCD McDonalds, Pullback Waning, Indicators Turning Up

RIO Rio Tinto, Fibonacci Pullback Over, Indicators Turning Up

David Gurwitz Nenner Research – Gold $1338

from Financial Survival Network
David Gurwitz gave us another installment of Charles Nenner’s cycle economic forecasts. It appears that gold has bottomed and the next upside target is $1338. David believes that it’s going to take a while to get there. Interest rates are a question mark. David says the system is predicting rate hikes to about 2 percent. In light of the current economic conditions, that’s real aggressive call. They’re also expecting oil to increase throughout the summer, hitting a high of $67 per barrel. There’s lots more calls about companies and commodities and the stock market. Take a look, because the trend is changing and you need to be ready.
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