Monday, April 6, 2015

3 Oil Stocks With the Potential to Double…or More : BXE, ATH, GTE

It’s the million dollar question: When exactly will oil recover?
The fact is, nobody knows. I don’t know where oil will be next week, next month, or next year. I don’t know what direction the next 10%, 20%, or 50% move will be.
Investing in energy today isn’t easy. On the contrary; it’s actually pretty hard. Not only do investors have to worry about finding a company that has good long-term potential and that’s trading at a decent price, but they also have to worry about finding companies with the balance sheet strength to make it through the crisis.
Fortunately, there are a few choices out there. Here are three companies that I think have the financial flexibility to endure the storm and have great potential to grow operations. Put those two things together, and investors could easily be looking at returns of 100%, or even more. (more)
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PBS: Why Canada’s economy is headed off a cliff

When we think of economic crisis, we think Greece. And maybe, closer to home, the collapse of Lehman Brothers or Florida’s overleveraged housing market. But rarely do our neighbors to the north come immediately to mind.
Just back from Canada, Vikram Mansharamani argues that they should… See:  Why Canada’s economy is headed off the cliff
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Gold Surges After Goldman Says It Is Time To "Put Rate Hikes On Hold For Now"

While equity futures are modestly higher compared to Friday's early 9:15 am close, where only a short, 45 minute long bloodbath was allowed on Good Friday after the worst jobs report in two years, the one asset class that has moved the most by far this evening is gold, which has spiked by 1.5% and is on the verge of breaking out above the resistance level that has proven a tractor beam to any momentum breakout over the past 2 months.

If gold rises above $1225 overnight, or rather if the trading desk under the supervision of Benoit Gilson, the BIS' "head of FX and gold" allows the price of paper gold to reach that level, a huge short squeeze will be imminent because, as a reminder, in addition to the EUR, gold shorts are also at a record high. (more)
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V Guerrilla Economist : Shale Oil Carnage, De dollarization, Mideast Wars

V: The Guerrilla Economist joins me to discuss the current Economic state of the world, particularly that of the US.
Global Geopolitical events are also discussed; topics covered include:
Weaponized banking
Line of credits being called in for Shale oil companies
Auto loans offered to sub-sub-sub prime lenders as new FICO score guidelines are announced
De-dollarization in critical phase as even US allies abandon the dollar and embrace the Yuan
Entitled to your own opinions but not entitled to your own facts
Zimbabwe USA as rug is pulled out from under the dollar and hyperinflation looms
Currency wars will lead to trade wars and the hot wars / signs of this are already visible in the Mideast
Saudis are being abandoned and Iran is being embraced
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US Weekly Economic Calendar

time (et) report period ACTUAL forecast previous
10 am ISM nonmanufacturing March   56.0% 56.9%
10 am Labor market conditions index March   -- 4.0
10 am Job openings Feb.   -- 5.0 mln
3 pm Consumer credit Feb.   -- $12 bln
2 pm FOMC minutes        
8:30 am Weekly jobless claims April 4
285,000 268,000
10 am Wholesale inventories Feb.
-- 0.3%
8:30 am Import price index March   -0.2% 0.4%
2 pm Federal budget March      
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