Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Energy Sector's Most Volatile Niche Now Offers Stunning Yields

Dividend investors crave predictability. Once they lock onto payment streams, they don't want to hear about any interruptions. And if a company dares to withhold a quarterly dividend payout, then many investors simply head to the exits.
I discussed this phenomenon recently with regard to Carl Icahn and his big stake in CVR Refining (NYSE: CVRR).
As I noted earlier this month, CVR had a big hiccup with its third-quarter dividend, but it appears positioned to pay out $3 or $4 per unit in dividends next year. Shares trading around $22 don't begin to reflect that potential income.
Amazingly, a virtually identical scenario has just played out with another oil refiner. And the setup is every bit as compelling.  (more)

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Sulfer (Crude) Spreads Going Wild

The Brent v. WTI spread has blasted out again on US production, Iran, etc....
It's hot money that moves this spread around (my opinion).
The fundamental story is wonderful, but the WTI has a lower sulfur content which makes it easier to refine than Brent and generally more valuable, but the market right now disagrees and that's all that matters.
Picking the tick on the futures spread is dangerous business and not for the faint of heart. If you're right and negotiations with Iran make some progress.....WTI should outperform Brent at some point before long.
That's one approach.
Alternatively, I could consider options strategies that look for the spread to narrow over the next 3 months.  (more)

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Seven Reasons The Uranium Price Is Making A Powerful Move Higher

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The Greatest Opportunity in 30 Years

I caught myself daydreaming last week…

It was October 27, 2008, and Silver Wheaton (NYSE: SLW) just hit $3 per share. I buy 10,000 shares — more than I’ve ever devoted to any one stock.” 
I sell half when it hits $33 per share and pocket $150,000 after a 1,000% gain. I pay off the mortgage, and my wife quits work — and I still have 5,000 shares…

Not a bad daydream, eh?

I don’t know how many investors actually had the intestinal fortitude to plunk down a big lump of cash on a stock at that time — but Silver Wheaton did indeed offer that 1,000% return, and more.

When you look back at the investments that have made the most money over the past few decades, they’ve always been assets that had reached an extreme—an extreme low or an extreme high. (more)

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Maguire – Gold War Heats Up As Shocking Events Taking Place

from King World News
On the heels of some wild trading action this week, London metals trader Andrew Maguire spoke with KWN about the shocking events taking place as the gold war heats up, as well as some extraordinary information about what to expect in the gold market going forward. Below is what Maguire had to say in part I of his stunning interview.
Maguire: “We always start by stepping back and looking at the bigger picture. I’m going to actually tell you what we are seeing, not just myself, but what my sizable clients are seeing as well….
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Ask The Expert – Jim Sinclair (November 2013) : Sprott Money News

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The Product that Will Send 3D Printing Into High Gear

by Wayne Mulligan
Daily Reckoning

Once or twice in every generation, a new invention will change the trajectory of entire industries – the assembly line during the industrial revolution, for example, or the Internet in the ’90s.
We, and many others in the technology community, believe that “3D Printing,” or “Personal Manufacturing,” is our generation’s next big thing.
Imagine one day, rather than trekking to the mall or a big-box store to buy a toy for your son or daughter, you simply “print it” from home. The printer would look similar to the one you might already have – but instead of printing ink on paper, it would use an amazing process where successive layers of material, like plastic, are gradually laid down into various shapes.
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A Big Problem That’s About to Shake Up America’s Health Care Industry

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