Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Britain on the verge of Bankruptcy !!!

UK gov is focused on 'fiscal stimulation' bailing out the banks who are doing little to help their clients, yet received help from tax payers. Ordinary British are just rotting in debt , it is funny debt credit companies like standard and poors downgraded countrys like Spain and Portugal and Greece and Ireland and Latvia and others but they dont USA or UK they have much bigger debts and its impossible for them to pay them why is that? maybe its because the companies are from those countrys they should be put in court for being so corrupted since they spook investors and make our life harder then hell, while keeping the lie that investing bank can lend money to USA and UK risk free

Regardless of which political party we support the UK has become a oneparty state within the EU and eventually the NWO/OneWorldBanking system!We didn't get a referendum on the EU. We wasn't consulted before giving away our money to 'Bailout' the banks.We Won't be asked if we want to join a world government. Our country is Bankrupt and we are giving away our Rights and our Freedom as if they don't matter to us anymore!Whoever said the Nazis were defeated was wrong they just came in the backdoor.

How to Get Rich Quickly!

Here’s how to get rich quickly.

Whenever you receive income of any kind, immediately put 25% of it into a savings account. Whenever that savings account reaches $5,000 in total balance, invest it in something, ideally something different than what you’ve invested it in before. Buy stocks. Buy CDs. Buy commodity or precious metal or land ETFs. Buy shares in individual companies that you believe in. Then just watch it grow.

Wait, that sounds like normal investment advice! How will that help you to get rich quickly?

It’ll get you rich much more quickly than almost any other plan out there. You just need to re-evaluate your idea of quickly.

In terms of building wealth out of nothing, it doesn’t happen overnight (unless you happen to have a brilliant idea and the skills to perfectly execute it, which happens only a few times a generation). It takes time. It also takes discipline. Most of all, it takes patience.

Patience is a virtue that’s often overlooked. When people think of getting rich quickly, they think of buying a lottery ticket and having $50 million next week. They think of having some sort of secret insider information that will double their money in a month (like those endless penny stock scams that constantly float around). They think of arrangements where they hand their money to a guru who will magically cause it to multiply several times, never asking themselves why that guru even needs their money (hint: money gurus can’t perform magic).

In the real world, building personal wealth doesn’t work that way. It usually comes through saving up your money over a long period of time and putting that money to work over that same long period. However, the more diligent you are about the saving and putting that money to work, the quicker you will get rich.

Let’s say you have someone who is making $40,000 per year. They have no debts, but no assets, either – a net worth of $0. Let’s also define “rich” as being having 20 times your annual income in investments, which means if the investment earns just a 5% return, you can live on just that return in perpetuity.

If they save 1% of their income each year and put it in investments that earn an average of 7% per year, it will take 74 years to cross the “rich” mark.

Bump that savings up to 2% per year (from $400 to $800 per year, or from $15.50 per biweekly paycheck to $31), it will take 63 years to get there. Add 1% and you subtract nine years off of the time it takes to become rich.

Let’s bump it up to 5% per year. It then takes only 50 years to get there.

10%? It takes only 41 years.

Let’s say you’re a prodigious saver and save 25% per year. It takes you only 28 years to get there. Start at age 25 and you’re retired at age 53 on your own investments. When Social Security starts rolling in, it’s icing on the cake.

This really is the recipe for success. If you make $40,000 a year, live as though you make $30,000 a year. If you make $80,000 a year, live as though you make $60,000 a year. Bank 25% of your paycheck and live on the rest.

What you’ll find is that your lifestyle adjusts when your checking account does. The perks of life become actual perks that you appreciate instead of just a static routine of disposable pleasures. You can look forward to a future that involves doing whatever you want instead of working at a job until you’re unable to work any more.

If you want to get rich quickly, you already have the tools you need. The question is whether or not you have the courage to do it.

Iran Opens Oil Bourse - Harbinger of Trouble for New York and London?

The last three years of global recession have dealt a major blow to American capitalist ideas trumpeted throughout the world on the value of “free markets.” Wall St has been revealed as a form of casino economy, with the bankster insiders gambling with other people’s, and eventually, the government’s money in the form of bailouts. As the Republicans in Congress, scenting victory in the 2012 presidential elections, hold a gun to the Obama administration’s head and rating agencies consider downgrading U.S. government bonds in light of Washington’s possible defaulting, many ideas around the world that previously seemed implausible because of the dominance of the U.S. economy are garnering renewed interest.

Not surprisingly, many of these concepts originate in countries not enamored with Washington’s influence, perhaps none so more than “Axis of Evil” charter member Iran, which has seen its economy hammered by more than three decades of U.S.-led sanctions. Now Iran is working a program, that, if it succeeds, could help undermine the dollar’s preeminence as the world’s reserve currency more effectively than a Republican filibuster.

Iran’s sly weapon against the Great Satan’s currency? An oil bourse on Kish Island in the Persian Gulf, which has now begun selling high-grade Iranian crude oil. (more)

Bank of America Set to Declare Bankruptcy

Bank of America Tumbles To Paulson’s Cost Basis Following Report Bank Will Need $50 Billion More In Capital Cushion

A few days ago when we demonstrated the most recent bond issuance by Bank of America in which thefirm issued $2.5 billion in new bonds, we said "BAC is largely underreserved for a settlement of this size which means its Tier 1 capital ratio will likely be impacted due to a major outflow of cash." Obviously the implication was that a capital raise is imminent. And while we were not exactly expecting the bank to access the equity capital markets (immediately), we knew cash would have to come from somewhere. Sure enough, Bank of America just issued $2.5 billion in 5 year bonds. So just when does the equity raise come? Two questions: is this funding simply to replenish the cash to have a decent Tier 1 ratio, or is the bank merely preparing for a waterfall of litigation now that the seal has been broken?" Well, the reason why the bank's stock just tumbled to fresh multi-year lows, and just on top of John Paulson's cost basis is a report from Bloomberg's Hugh Son which confirms our worst fears about the bank: "Bank of America Corp. (BAC) may have to build its capital cushion by $50 billion and renege again on Chief Executive Officer Brian T. Moynihan’s pledge to raise the firm’s dividend as mortgage losses drain funds." Next up, after investors balk to buy bonds from the firm at preferential rates, is Bank of America coming to market with another equity raise in full confirmation that the emperor is indeed naked... and Moynihan is about to be sacked.

Jay Taylor: Turning Hard Times Into Good Times

Thinking The Unthinkable. A U.S. Treasury Default is Heading Our Way!

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Jim Rogers: Silver Is Going Much Higher

This interview occurred about a week ago with Jim Rogers. He is still strongly bullish on silver over the long term and believes global currency debasement is going to continue to produce upside potential for precious metals.

Bob Chapman - Power Hour 19 July 2011

Bob Chapman : The only shot left is Ron Paul ...We lost control; of the country to the banks Walls street and the large pharmaceutical corporations and Insurances , transnational corporations it's pathetic and nobody seems to get it they do not even understand that their country is broke , less than 1 percent in America (exactly 0.8% ) own any gold and silver coins bullion or shares , it is people buying from other countries that are making the gold go up

5 Stock Picks From the Birinyi Basket: BPT, RL, RMS, PCLN, CMI

If you've heard of Laszlo Birinyi and like his work (as we do) but never actually paid to become a client, here's your chance to test drive the Westport, CT legend's stock picking prowess. Before the unveiling, you should know that Birinyi purposely tries not to change his picks every week based on the prevailing sentiment and says he's been advocating the five stocks all year. He says they were chosen to give investors some diversification, some play on energy and the economy, and some exposure to consumers. And now, the envelope please, I present to you, the Birinyi Basket.

1) BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust (BPT): Birinyi's rationale for owning this trust is as simple as "the 8% dividend, you get energy and you get 8%." Even though BPT is down 10% this year at a time when the Energy sector (XLE) is up by at least 10%, Birinyi is sticking with it. "The stock may not do a whole lot," he says, adding that he is "very comfortable clipping coupons, if you will, and not worrying about the underlying price."

2) Ralph Lauren (RL): This play on high-end retail is in the basket in a Peter Lynch, buy-what-you -know sort of way. Birinyi says, "if you go in to a Ralph Lauren store in Manhattan you'll find out why they're doing well." He doesn't spend a lot of time trying to factor in "what the price of gas is going to do to retail sales." If Birinyi likes what he sees, he buys. And it's working, with shares of RL within a few dollars of an all-time high have gone from $40 to $140 in the past 2 years.

3) Hermes (RMS.PA): You'll have to really love shopping to chase this Laszlo luxury pick all the way to Paris to purchase it but he insists it's worth it if you want to own what he calls "the single-most solid brand in the world." Not only does Hermes sell high quality and high priced merchandise, but it's what they don't do and don't have that Birinyi likes most. Specifically, "they're not diluting their brand by putting their name on anything that comes along," he says. And at the same time, "22 or 23 analysts cover it but not a single one has a buy on it." At $22 billion dollars in market value, "it's the most significant large stock in the world that nobody recommends," according to Birinyi. Again, he's picking and sticking with a stock that has more than doubled in a year and is trading at an all-time high. "There's also a bit of a potential merger or takeover situation with Louis Vuitton but we've liked it for 5 years."

4) (PCLN): Priceline shares have more than doubled over the past year and are trading at a 10-year high (catching a theme here?). It is currently the second best stock in the S&P 500 for the past 12 months, eclipsed only by Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG). Even Birinyi seems surprised by the discount travel website's continued ability to overcome obstacles and go higher. "I bought it at $150, made 10% in 3 weeks and thought I had wrung the bell. I turned around and it was $250," he says. For the record it is now north of $500 and this former trader concedes "whatever the magic is, Priceline continues to do well. They had one or two bad quarters and came right back. These are the kind of situations I look to. When you finally find out what the real story is behind the stock it's probably too late."

5) Cummins (CMI): The darling of diesel is keeping to theme, up more than five-fold since the 2009 lows. Birinyi says it's not particularly a macro or China call but rather is just getting down there and kicking the tires. "We've owned it for long time and have done well.. it hangs in there," he says.

Finally, Birinyi explains, "what we have tried to do here is give people who listen to us five names which give you some diversification, a little bit of a play on consumers."

If the market really gets ugly Birinyi says he'd be watching things like Prudhoe Bay running out of oil or starting to see some buy recommendations on Hermes.

Pastor Lindsey Williams - JMP Live -11 March 2011

JMP Live: Pastor Lindsey Williams - 11 March 2011 : buy silver now ,dont wait.Lindsey Williams tells the truth.if u want to save your familys stack physical SILVER AND GOLD EVEN IF PRICE REACH $50. ITS STILL CHEAP."I am not a prophet I just happen by the providence of GOD to have rubbed shoulders with the elite of this world who have been willing to tell me what their plans are " says Lindsey Williams . This is the John McGowan Presents show from 11 March 2011. Featured on the program is pastor Lindsey Williams, who was the chaplian for the thousands of men who built the Alaskian Oil Pipeline in the 1970's.
Covered during the show is an update that he has gotten from his inside source within the oil industry that oil and gas prices will rise dramatically over the next coming months, that the crisis in the middle east with continue to get worse and much more.