Friday, October 4, 2019

VFF.TO Village Farms International

VFF.TO Village Farms International looks like it may have found a bottom if only temporary, this sector is very oversold. Stock traded below previous low, now broke above that price i.e. around $12 level (support becomes resistance, resistance becomes support). Intermediate term, stock looks like a possible flag formation.

US Natural Gas Fund

UNG looks like it may have finally found a bottom, stochastics over sold and crossing. Could be a low risk short term trade here.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Is The Technology Sector about to break lower?

We believe the current capital shift in the US stock market may be settling into the Technology sector as investors move away from growth and into value.  Technology has recently recovered very nicely from the late December 2018 lows and is currently setting up a very eerily similar pattern across multiple charts.

If our analysis is correct, we believe the Technology sector may be setting up for a downside price breakdown near the APEX of these Pennant/Flag formations that appear in our charts.  Near recent, all-time highs, this downside breakdown could be rather large in size, possibly as much as -20% to -35% or more, and could result in a global stock market decline that could shock most investors/traders.  (more)

SILJ Purefunds ISE Junior Silver ETF

GDXJ Junior Gold Miners ETF Vaneck

Friday, September 20, 2019

Precious Metals Setting Up Another Momentum Base/Bottom?

Just as we predicted, precious metals are setting up another extended momentum base/bottom that appears to be aligning with our prediction of an early October 2019 new upside price leg.

Recent news of the US Fed decreasing the Fed Funds Rate by 25bp as well as strength in the US stock market and US Dollar as eased fears and concerns across the global markets.  These concerns and fears are still very real as the overnight credit market has continue to illustrate.  Yet, the precious metals have retraced from recent highs and begun to form a momentum base which will likely become the floor for the next move higher.  (more)

TLT 20+ Year Treas Bond Ishares ETF