Saturday, June 20, 2015

3 ETFs for a Greek Default: GLD, EPV, VIX

The situation in Greece appears to be deteriorating with banks there suffering accelerating deposit withdrawals — setting the stage for capital controls possibility as soon as Monday.

If a new bailout agreement isn’t ironed out between Athens and the European establishment soon, it’s very we’ll see a Greek default on $1.8 billion in bundled debt payments to the International Monetary Fund at the end of the month.

This is the final act of a long simmering crisis.
If things go belly up and there is a Greek default, here are three ETFs that should be big winners in the fallout. (more)

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Bond funds worldwide post biggest outflows in two years: BofA

Investors worldwide pulled $10.3 billion out of bond funds in the week ended June 17 after a spike in yields earlier this month spooked debt investors, data from a Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research report showed on Friday.
It marked the biggest weekly outflows from the funds in two years, according to the report, which also cited data from fund-tracker EPFR Global. Investment-grade bond funds posted $2.1 billion in outflows, marking their first outflows in 78 weeks, while riskier high-yield bond funds posted $4 billion in outflows to mark their biggest withdrawals since last December. (more)

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Technical Aspects of Corn Futures Turning Bullish

After a protracted downturn, it is now looking that the technical picture is turning bullish for corn futures. Several major downtrend lines have now been broken, as futures have been able to bounce from the lows that were made in September.

I suspect the double bottom breakout sell signal to the downside at the 365-367 that was made earlier this year will be violated to the upside. There are several reasons why this is likely. For one thing, the follow through to the downside when the breakout first occurred has been limited. In addition, there appears to be only limited volume on weakness.


Chart provided by QST

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How to Find Safe, Profitable Gold Producers GDX, KGC, NGD, EGO, DGC.TO

It has been a brutal last few years for the gold sector...
Gold prices are down 38% since they peaked in 2011... And gold producers are down with them. The Market Vectors Gold Miners Fund (GDX) – which holds the shares of most major gold producers – peaked two weeks after the gold price in 2011. Since then, it's down 72%.
But as we've shown you in these pages, the gold sector is likely to bottom soon. That means resource investors have a great opportunity right now to buy gold producers while they're dirt-cheap...(more)
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BC LNG Looking Bright – Keith Schaefer

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