Thursday, January 15, 2015

Major War Exploding Soon-Charles Nenner

Renowned analyst Charles Nenner says the biggest cycle he sees coming is the war cycle.  Nenner says, “For the last couple of years, I have been saying, in the second decade of the new century, we will have a big war.  Why, because there is a 100 year cycle.  If you go back 100 years to the first world war in 1914 to 1918, that led to the second world war.  That was actually one big war with peace in the middle.  It you go back 100 years before that, you get Napoleon. . . . If you put ‘big war’ in Google, you see always in the second decade of the new century, there is a huge war.   Nenner goes on to say, “The fear has started already.  So, this is going to be exploding soon into a major war. . . . Based on the weaponry that becomes better in every war, I guess that’s why we get more dead bodies in every war.” (more)
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Thinking About Buying Oil Low?

by Jason Simpkins
Outsider Club

Recently, a friend of mine – my best friend, actually – asked me about investing in oil. He wanted to buy now, while prices are low, in anticipation of a comeback.
Ultimately, he did, settling on the Energy Select Sector SPDR ETF (NYSE: XLE).
This is a fine thing to do, especially if prices keep falling lower. There are other ETF candidates out there, too.
Personally, I’ve been eyeing the ProShares Ultra DJ-UBS Crude Oil ETF (NYSE: UCO). It’s leveraged so that whenever oil rebounds it’ll deliver twice the return.
However, I haven’t gone through with it yet, and I’ll tell you why…
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Is Canada on the Verge of Collapse?

On Monday, the Bloomberg Commodity Index fell to a 12-year low.
This is bad news for economies dependent on commodity exports, particularly Canada and Australia.
In fact, the Australian banking system is as unsafe as ever due to the global commodities rout and an overpriced housing market.
In March 2014, I listed six dangerous stocks with tempting yields, including Westpac Banking (WBK), one of Australia’s largest banks. (more)

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How To Really Cash In On Foreclosures

from Financial Survival Network
Mike Gazzola has made millions buying and selling foreclosures.
He’s found a way for anyone, anywhere in the country/world to do it remotely. He likes Florida because their online public records are easily accessible and extremely detailed. He’s got a system that makes it simple and it doesn’t matter how much money you start with.
People are doing it right now as we speak!
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