Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Macys: M: Bottoming Formation, Bullish Divergence with Increasing Volume

Bojangles: BOJA Bullish Breakout, Bullish Divergence

FXCM: Bullish Flag Forming?

Ross Clark- Equity Markets. Harry Dent – West Coast Real Estate. Larry Reaugh – Uptick Rule

What’s Up With The HUI And Gold?

“UP” it was, but the intermediate term chart is certainly not that impressive, given the pandemonium that has been taking place since the start of the New Year.

The index does seem to have carved out a bottom just above the 100 level but it must take out initial resistance near 140 and then again above the 50 period moving average to give chartists some reason to turn more solidly bullish. As things stand now, all it looks like the index has done is to bounce off a bottom and trek higher towards to the upper bounds of a sideways trading pattern. For a bullish breakout to occur, 150 will have to be cleared.  (more)