Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Key Support Level Bonds TLT Must Hold to Prevent a Bearish Reversal

What support level must bond fund TLT hold or else trigger a breakdown/reversal event?
Let’s start with the Daily Chart to highlight the structure and key level at play now:

We’ll see the current trade level clearer on the hourly chart, but the first level to hold must be the current $111 price support level.
A failure to hold $111 opens a swift downside pathway toward the overlap of the 38.2% Fibonacci Level with the $110 “Round Number” support line.
Any future breakdown under the $110 critical “must hold” confluence suggests that bonds could reverse and trade down to previous support targets including the $107 Fibonacci and Price overlap (highlighted).
A downward reversal in bond prices suggests a boost higher in Treasury yields.
I also wanted to highlight the recent bearish spikes in volume (red candles) from May to present.  It suggests selling pressure could be lurking behind the scenes of the price action.
Let’s turn our attention now to the Hourly Chart and note the broader range in motion now:

Note also the momentum divergences at recent turning points (reversals) on the intraday frame.
There’s no divergence present at the moment, and in fact the oscillator carved out a new chart low (suggesting $111 may fail as support).
A clear downward path is open – especially in the context of the gap and sell-swing in motion – toward the $110.50 level then $110 as highlighted on the Daily Chart above.
We do note a sideways rectangle trading range between the $110.50 and $112.25 level with respect to a fast “Open Air Pocket” through $112.25 to the $113.50.
In the days ahead, monitor price action relative to the current $111.00 then $110.50 and especially the $110.00 levels as potential pivot points and “Must Hold” zones – lest bond prices develop trend reversal event.
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Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc (NYSEMKT: INO)

Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, discovers, develops, and develops synthetic vaccines and immune therapies focusing on cancers and infectious diseases. The company’s DNA-based SynCon technology designed to provide protection against known and new unmatched strains of pathogens, such as influenza. Its electroporation DNA delivery technology uses controlled electrical pulses to enhance cellular DNA vaccine uptake. The company’s clinical programs include HPV-caused pre-cancers and cancers, influenza, prostate cancer, breast/lung/pancreatic cancer, hepatitis C virus, hepatitis B virus, HIV, and malaria vaccines. It is also advancing preclinical research for a seasonal/pandemic influenza vaccine, as well as other products.
Please take a look at the 1-year chart of INO (Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) below with my added notations:
1-year chart of INO (Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)
INO peaked in February at almost $16 and lost about half of its value from there. The stock seems to have bottomed out a bit over the last (3) months. Over the last year the stock has commonly hit a very important level of resistance at $12 (blue). The one time INO was able to break through $12 the stock ultimately ran to $15+. If the stock can break above $12 again, higher prices should follow.

The Tale of the Tape: INO has a key level of resistance at $12. A long trade could be entered on a break through that level. However, if you are bearish on the stock, a short trade could be made on any rallies up to $12.
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The Criminal Banking Cartel Will Soon Be HISTORY — Karen Hudes

The interview begins at 6:05 or so.
Karen Hudes, the Acting General Counsel of the World Bank joins us to discuss the impending collapse of the international criminal banking cartel which Karen says is “imminent”. We discuss the worldwide BOND FRAUD, the 9/11 false flag event, and the fact that Karen says China isn’t bankrupting the FED, we are. The American people and a U.S. DEBT-FREE currency will rise from the ashes after the FEDERAL RESERVE and the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE collapse – and that day is right around the corner.
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David Stockman Interview On Stansberry Radio: How The Fed’s Money-Printing Deforms Washington And Wall Street
This week, David Stockman, former U.S. politician and businessman, joins Stansberry Radio to talk about his new book The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America, which Porter calls “The very best book I’ve read on these issues.”
Porter says “I don’t have to write my book anymore because David Stockman already did.” David gives Porter the best compliment of his life.
David tells Porter that one of the things he did to research this book was “to read a lot of your (Porter’s) commentary from day to day so maybe on some of the ideas, two minds were thinking alike.”
Get ready because it’s all revealed here…
When Porter asks David to share a time when he was most disgusted by the actions of his peers in Washington… you won’t want to miss his response.
You’ll hear him break down the fiscal collapse of America, the destructive role of the Federal Reserve, and where it all fell apart.
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Get Ready Because China Is Going To Push Silver Over $100 / July 23, 2014
Today an acclaimed money manager warned King World News that investors need to prepare themselves because the Chinese are going to push the price of silver over $100.  Stephen Leeb also said the price of gold is headed into the stratosphere as well because the Chinese have plans to make gold part of the monetary system.
Leeb:  “Right now the situation in Iraq is very precarious.  The current leader of Iraq is the guy that both Russia and Iran want to stay in power.  Russia and Iran don’t want a lot of oil coming out of Iraq.  It doesn’t do Iran or Russia any good if a lot of oil is coming out of Iraq because they both want higher prices….
Continue reading the Stephen Leeb interview below…
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