Thursday, July 5, 2012

John Embry – Fixes From The 70s Won’t Stop This Disaster /

Today John Embry gave King World News an extraordinary interview. Embry, who is Chief Investment Strategist of the $10 billion strong Sprott Asset Management, discussed market manipulation, the crisis today vs the 70s, inflation and where we are headed. Here is what Embry had to say: “I’m fascinated by this whole Barclays situation, in the sense that they have been accused, and have admitted as such, that they have been manipulating Libor. This actually affects about $360 trillion worth of the world’s financial transactions.”

John Embry continues:

“It’s actually a shocking thing when you think about it, but I like to relate it to the gold and silver markets. These people messed around with Libor, and there’s some suggestion that the Bank of England might have thought this was a good idea when things were looking particularly dark in late 2008.

I mean people who don’t think that gold and silver are manipulated really better give their heads a shake. The simple reason for this is that gold and silver are the canaries in the coal mine when it comes to lousy monetary policy. When gold and silver start going up, it’s blowing the whistle on bad monetary policy….


Rule – We Are Seeing Dislocations In Many Financial Markets / July 3, 2012

With gold up about $25 and oil trading almost $4 higher, today King World News interviewed one of the wealthiest and most street-smart pros in the business, Rick Rule. He warned that we are seeing dislocations in many financial markets. Rule, who is now part of Sprott Asset Management, also had this to say when asked about what is happening in Iran and how it is impacting markets: “I think that may be driving the gold price as well. You have a situation where the United Nations approves stronger sanctions against Iran, and apparently the sanctions that were already in place were already starting to bite.”

Rick Rule continues:

“The Iranians have responded by announcing they had tested a surface missile which was capable of hitting Israel, and they regarded new sanctions against Iran as a security threat. There was also legislation moved in the Iranian Parliament that would call on the Iranian Navy to respond to sanctions by closing the Straits of Hormuz.

It remains to be seen if the Iranians have either the will or the capability to close the Straits, but I think the immediacy of the Iranian situation certainly played on energy and gold markets….


Central Bank Fireworks Are Just Around The Corner

from KingWorldNews:

Today Michael Pento, of Pento Portfolio Strategies, writes exclusively for King World News to let readers know what to expect from central planners around the world. He also discussed the sagging global economy and much more. Here is Pento’s piece: “The plunging ISM manufacturing data in the U.S. forebodes a GDP growth rate of just about 1%, and crumbling global PMI manufacturing data indicates worldwide growth retreated to just 2%. There is a deepening recession in the EU (17) countries, while emerging market economic growth has collapsed.”

“In Brazil, for example, GDP growth fell from 7.5% in 2010 to just 2% today. It isn’t much of a surprise to learn that central banks in China, Britain, Europe and America have indicated that more money printing is just around the corner. But one has to wonder how effective more money printing will be when interest rates are already at rock bottom.

Michael Pento continues @

Jim Sinclair: Cartel’s Battle to Stop Gold Has Been Lost- Gold to Target $3,500 / By The Doc /

The legendary Jim Sinclair has sent the following email alert to subscribers this afternoon in what he describes as ‘MY MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR YOU SINCE MY $1650 GOLD CALL IN 2001‘.
Sinclair stated that ‘the rig is up‘, that today’s movement in gold means that the cartel’s battle to stop gold has been lost, and that ‘the six attempts to kill gold was a now failed attempt to keep gold from trading above $3500‘.

From Jim Sinclair:

Gold will go to and above $3500. This is the most important message I have sent you since 2001.

There are very few of us dynamic thinkers that see everything as a trend constantly in motion. Anyone can be a static thinker, quoting recent economic figures or news headline (MSM), and coming up with a usually wrong opinion.


Could Gold Hit $6000?

(Bloomberg) — Hinde Capital’s Ben Davies talks about the price of Gold. He says it could hit $6000 an ounce. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Gerald Celente : The Banks are Taking Over The World

"....There is something beneath the headlines what we see is current events form future trends and I am a political atheist I only look at things the way they are and not the way I want them to be " says Gerald Celente " and when you really closer to what's going on in Europe there is a much bigger story and that is they are creating a union of one central bank controlling all the sovereign banks kind of similar to the united state where we have a central bank and we have a federal reserve controlling the entire country , the same thing is happening over there but that's not making the headlines , it's the merger of the state and corporate powers so the big merger is taking place , we are going to have the Bank in Brussels controlling all those Europeans out there telling them what to do and how to do it , that's the big story the thing is collapsing and they know they cannot fix it they can't continue to print all this digital money not worth the paper it is not printed on , so they are coming with the scheme 'centralize it and we are going to be able to fix it' and what that really means is that now you are under our control it's a Banking Take Over , The Banks are Taking Over The World