Saturday, February 15, 2014

At Least 20 Dead Bankers!

AT LEAST 20 bankers have mysteriously died within the last several weeks! While it has been reported that 5 TOP LEVEL bankers have been suicided, Alex’s research has found an entirely new slew of lower level bankers also ‘eliminated’. This video shares more proof of an organized campaign to ‘eliminate’ those who could imprison the ‘criminal elite’ for their financial crimes against the rest of humanity. Dead bankers can’t talk! Celente and Jones share more proof that the markets are rigged and that a MASSIVE cover-up is in progress.

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Bank Run 2014 -- Get Your Money OUT! EU Document Reveals BAIL-IN Plan!

Exclusive: EU executive sees personal savings used to plug long-term financing gap
The savings of the European Union's 500 million citizens could be used to fund long-term investments to boost the economy and help plug the gap left by banks since the financial crisis, an EU document says.
the Commission will consider whether the use of fair value or pricing assets at the going rate in a new globally agreed accounting rule 
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Jim Rogers just gave some startling advice on the emerging markets. Listen up.

The financial show Boom Bust just aired an interview with investing legend Jim Rogers. His commentary runs in the clip below from 15:15 through 19:35.

Jim discussed the emerging markets with the most opportunity (15:55). His longtime darling markets Myanmar and (parts of) China were no surprise… but today his favorite two markets are North Korea and Russia.
Both countries are stellar examples of markets that have gone from "Bad to Less Bad." These markets are cheap, hated (or in North Korea’s case, locked), and in an uptrend. The U.S. government bans Americans from investing in North Korea, so Jim is most bullish on Russia today.
Jim also talks about the cause of the emerging market crisis--the U.S. Federal Reserve (17:35).  He notes Turkey, Indonesia, India, and Brazil have serious issues in their economies.  The Fed’s money printing and low interest rate environment has flooded cheap money into these markets.  That's covered up serious flaws in these countries’ economies. As the Fed tapers down its cash injections, these flaws will reveal themselves.

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Here's What to Do If You Took Our Profitable Gold-Stock Advice

The mining sector has been on fire in 2014.
The Market Vectors Gold Miners Fund (GDX) closed Wednesday at $24.77 – up over 12% since the start of the year. Junior mining stocks have done even better... GDXJ, the Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners Fund, is up over 22% in the past six weeks.
If you took our advice in early January to buy gold stocks, you've made terrific gains. But now it's time to take some of those gains off the table...
Traders who pay attention to technical analysis know the idea is to buy stocks at support levels and sell them at resistance levels. GDX is now bumping into resistance. So traders need to sell.
Here's an updated chart of GDX...
GDX price per share chart
GDX broke out of a low-level consolidation pattern in early January and popped above its 50-day moving average (DMA). That action kicked off the terrific rally we've seen in gold stocks. GDX is now approaching resistance at just above $26 per share.
Over the next few months, I expect GDX to take out that resistance line and head toward one of the higher resistance levels of $27.50 or even $30 per share. But in the short term, the gold sector is due for a rest.
Notice on the chart how the 50-DMA is almost like a magnet for GDX shares. The stock rarely strays too far from the line before reversing course and coming back to it.
Right now, GDX is trading about 13% above its 50-DMA. That's an extended move. The blue circles on the chart point to other times over the past year that GDX shares were as far away from the 50-DMA as they are now. Each time, GDX reversed back toward the line.
With GDX approaching resistance and shares extended so far above its 50-DMA, this is a logical place for short-term traders to take profits on gold stocks – especially if you picked them up in early January.
The intermediate and long-term picture remains bullish for gold miners. But in the short term, the sector is due for a pullback.
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Silver Global Price Forecast: The Sterling Opportunity

Precious metals were under pressure last year, but investors continued to accumulate silver while gold had a record amount outflow selling.
We can see this by looking at the physically backed iShares Silver Trust SLV is up 25 million ounces Oct. 31, 2013 since January 2013. While physical holdings in the SPDR Gold Shares GLD shrunk by 28 million in 2013.
Investment demand for silver now accounts for 24% of overall demand, up from only 4% in 2003 after the introduction of ETFs as a liquid trading source. Additionally, silver investors typically include small investors, whereas large institutional investors have steered toward gold ETFs.
Unlike gold… silver is consumed by industrial and medical usage. Silver’s relative affordability and industrial usage is helping bolster silver demand.  (more)

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How Much Upside Is Left?

The Nasdaq is fighting to get back to 2014 highs and while it just may make it back I don’t think it’ll stay there. That will leave the Dow well shy of new highs and make for a failed attempt to break out if what I see happening plays out. But I don’t leave my trading strategy up to what I think is going to happen, simply put I’m just not seeing any new setups on the long side that is causing me to want to buy right now. That makes my job rather easy at this point waiting for either the markets to break out or pull back.
If we break out we’ll need to see new leaders emerge. Until then I’m staying out of the buying frenzy as I’ve moved pretty much to a cash position as of Tuesday this week. There are times when waiting and watching is the best strategy and I think now is one of those times – especially now that my market timing signal remains firmly down.
Shaded area marks resistance
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