Monday, October 19, 2009

The risks of believing that the Mayan calendar ends December 21, 2012!

Not really an investment article but a quick look at the chart tells us that something very big will happen on November 7, 2009 - watch out below!


OIL 101...

(for 1st year students) Morgan Downey provides a 1 hour audio on the basics of the oil market, click on link to activate... (more)

Britain's real jobless total 'more than 3m' says new report

Rapidly rising unemployment in Britain's industrial heartlands has sent the real level of joblessness surging to well over 3m during the recession, according to a report to be published this week.

Urging a package of help for dole queue blackspots, the study shows that widespread lay-offs in the manufacturing sector have widened the north-south divide in the labour market.

Professor Steve Fothergill, author of the report for the Industrial Communities Alliance, said the real level of unemployment was close to 3.4m, more than double the 1.6m claimant count total once those ineligible for benefits and the hidden unemployed on incapacity benefits were taken into account. (more)


Every time the media reports the unemployment numbers, it reminds me of George Orwell’s book, 1984. In the legendary book, a governmental organization referred to as the “Ministry of Truth” would report through the telescreens that the price of chocolate was going down. Winston Smith, the lead character of the book, knew good and well that the price of chocolate was not going down but was actually going up. We are certainly living in Orwell’s world! The difference between ours and the fictional world of Orwell, is that we are not being propagandized about chocolate, but rather unemployment statistics. The controlled news media always attempts to “butter up” the bad numbers, by putting a positive spin on the fact that we are losing our jobs, month after month. (more)

How Goldman Sachs Made $3 Billion 12 Months After We Bailed Their Lucky Asses Out

How did Goldman, Sachs & Co. -- saved a year ago by the US taxpayer -- magically make $3 billion in 3 months a year later?

This as the US dollar collapses, unemployment soars and foreclosures hit a record?

Here is the Goldman, Sachs & Co. revenue break down for the past 3 months:

  • Financial Advisory-M/A: 325 million.
  • Equity Underwriting: 363 million.
  • Debt Underwriting: 211 million.
  • Trading-Principal Investments: 10 billion. (more)

Russia and Iran Now OFFICIALLY Talking of Dumping Dollar for International Trade

After the Independent reported that Middle Eastern oil producers, plus China, Japan and France have all agreed to start trading oil using a basket of currencies - instead of the dollar - starting in 9 years, spokesmen for those governments denied it.

The Independent's reporter explained why the governments were denying the rumor.

But now the governments themselves are starting to admit that they are switching out of the dollar. (more)

California 'first failed US state'?

On Sunday mornings at Glide Memorial United Methodist Church in the rough-edged Tenderloin district of San Francisco, the sanctuary is always rocking to old-school gospel music.

"It's so good to come together," Pastor Cecil Williams declares. His is a diverse congregation - white and African American, gay and straight, young and elderly.

For four decades Pastor Williams has been an outspoken advocate for the city's poor and marginalised. On one bright October Sunday recently, he preached a sermon on compassion and the need for social justice.

"You affirm who you are when you stand up for others in need," Williams told his flock. "And you can say, we are going to change this old world to a new world." (more)

Rogers Sees Long Commodities Boom

Jim Rogers says commodities remain a good investment and the boom will last.

Rogers, the well-known investor and chairman of Rogers Holdings, told Yahoo! News that investors should stick with commodities since they have outperformed stocks.

So far this year, gold reached new record highs of over 1000 per ounce, oil is bouncing back from its March lows and copper has almost doubled.

“The story is not over, not for a while. I don't see any reason it's going to be over for a few years because no one is bringing new supply on stream,” Rogers said. (more)

Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report

I try to obey the ten commandments, I really do. And I advocate that others also try. But I find I'm completely unable to do so, as I use paper money, daily. Does that make me a hypocrite?

Paper money violates the ten commandments.

1. Paper money is a false god.
2. Paper money is literally an image, valuing it is an act of idolatry.
3. "In God we trust" on the money takes the Lord's name in vain.
4. The sabbath debt forgiveness times are ignored by the system of paper money.
5. Lack of honest standards dishonors our parents.
6. Paper money has funded mass murder; two world wars and more.
7. Lenders commit spiritual adultery; and paper money is adulterated money.
8. Paper money and banking is institutionalized theft.
9. Paper money requires a mountain of false testimony.
10. Paper money is supported by greed and covetousness.

For my full essay on these topics, a most unpopular essay, see: (more)

The Perfect Portfolio For The Next 36 Months (Market Club)

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