Thursday, May 23, 2013

There is now a 100% chance of a market collapse

From Porter Stansberry in The S&A Digest:

As you undoubtedly know, financial newsletter writers get paid to make bold, exciting predictions. Judging by the hyperbole in our industry's sales letters, you'd have to imagine that we're all bipolar. After all, according to newsletter writers, the world is always either about to end… or about to boom.

Today's Friday Digest is no different. In fact, what I would like to show you today is without a doubt the single greatest threat to your wealth you will ever face. Even so, I'm confident almost all of you will ignore this warning until it is far, far too late. And that's at least partly my fault. So before we get to the finance, I'd like to share something about my own company that I don't like and wish I could change.  (more)

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GARTMAN: These 16 Rules Will Make You A Better Trader

1. Never, Ever, Ever, Under Any Circumstance, Add to a Losing Position… not ever, not never! Adding to losing positions is trading’s carcinogen; it is trading’s driving while intoxicated. It will lead to ruin. Count on it!

2. Trade Like a Wizened Mercenary Soldier: We must fight on the winning side, not on the side we may believe to be correct economically.

3. Mental Capital Trumps Real Capital: Capital comes in two types, mental and real, and the former is far more valuable than the latter. Holding losing positions costs measurable real capital, but it costs immeasurable mental capital.  (more)

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Put/Call Reaching Complacent Levels

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Don McAlvany: The Great Gold Robbery, McAlvany Commentary

This week:
-Don and David discuss huge Asian gold demand
-Parallels between now and the mid 1970′s for gold
-Where’s the Gold? It’s not just Germany asking
65 Week Moving Average Chart:…
The Fuse is Lit Part III:
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Riverbed Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: RVBD)

Riverbed Technology, Inc. provides solutions to the fundamental problems associated with information technology (IT) performance across wide area networks (WANs) in the United States and internationally. It offers Steelhead products, which enable customers to enhance the performance of applications and access data across WANs. The company's Steelhead products include the Steelhead Mobile that provides mobile workers with LAN-like access to corporate files and applications; Virtual Steelhead appliance to extend the WAN optimization; Cloud Steelhead, a solution for public cloud computing environments; Central Management Console that provides centralized configuration, monitoring, and control for deploying and managing Steelhead products across a WAN; and Interceptor appliance, which allows organizations to scale their WAN optimization solutions. It also offers Granite appliances that allow IT to consolidate servers and storage from branch offices to the data center without compromising branch application performance; and Cascade appliances, which help organizations to manage, secure, and optimize the availability and performance of global applications.
Please take a look at the 1-year chart of RVBD (Riverbed Technology, Inc.) below with my added notations:
1-year chart of RVBD (Riverbed Technology, Inc.) RBVD has been working its way lower since its October peak. Over the last (6) months, the stock has formed a key level at $16 (navy), which has most recently been acting as resistance. Late last week the stock finally broke back above $16. In addition, the stock broke through on an increase in volume (red). The volume increase adds validity to the breakout.
The Tale of the Tape: RVBD had a key level of resistance at $16 that should now act as support on any pullbacks. A long trade could be entered on a pullback to $16 with a stop placed below that level. However, if the stock were to break back below $16, a short trade could be made instead.
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This coming energy battle could create a new "Cold War"

Like the United States, the European Union relies heavily on Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) for its uranium, as shown in the chart below:

Russia is projected to produce 64 million pounds per year by 2020. The majority – 40 million pounds – will come from Russia itself, and the remainder from its foreign projects in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Mongolia.

But there's an often forgotten subsector of uranium production: the processes necessary to convert U3O8 into something that power plants can use. Read full article...

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Oil’s Underperformance Signals Much Lower Prices When Stocks Correct

We take a look at the latest developments in the oil market, including charts of all the major inventory categories.

The Department of Energy reported this morning that in the week ending May 17, U.S. crude oil inventories decreased by 0.3 million barrels, gasoline inventories increased by 3 million barrels, distillate inventories decreased by 1.1 million barrels and total petroleum inventories increased by 4.2 million barrels.

Crude oil sold off after the release of the latest inventory figures. Brent’s shallow uptrend continues to look unconvincing. For one—fundamentals remain weak as they have all year. Demand growth is tepid and supply growth is robust.

Moreover, though it’s rallied since bottoming in mid-April, oil has significantly underperformed stock markets, which are at multiyear (Europe, Asia) or all-time highs (U.S.). (more)Please share this article