Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lindsey Williams ~ Global Currency Reset DVD

The greatest event in the financial word in the past 1,000 years is about to take place. Two hundred and four nations have agreed with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) to reset their currency. Christine Lagarde is the new financial head of the IMF. If she and the Elite have their way, this event will take place within the next ninety days (three months) The Elite have prepared you for this event with an Electric Smart Meter which has been installed on almost every house in America. Only from my Elite friend will you ever know what has been done to you. Only in my new DVD will you learn these details. No one else will dare to tell you this.

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Gold Funds See Unprecedented 31% Slump With World Losing Faith

Investors are dumping gold-backed exchange-traded products at the fastest pace since the securities were created a decade ago, mirroring the steepest price drop in 32 years.

Holdings in the 14 biggest ETPs plunged 31 percent to 1,813.7 metric tons since the start of January, the first annual decrease since the funds started trading in 2003, data compiled by Bloomberg show. The removals erased $69.5 billion in the value of the assets as prices fell by the most since 1981. A further 311 tons will be withdrawn next year, according to the median of 11 analyst estimates compiled by Bloomberg. 

ETP investments reached a record $148 billion last year, helping sustain the bull market that drove a more than sixfold increase in prices since 2001 by offering a way to own bullion without needing to store it. The slump shows some investors losing faith in gold as a preserver of wealth after inflation failed to accelerate and the Federal Reserve signaled it may curb stimulus. John Paulson, the biggest investor in the largest ETP, said last month he doesn't plan to buy more.  (more)

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BNN: Top Picks December 16, 2013

Bruce Campbell, President, Campbell, Lee & Ross Investment Management gives his Top Picks; Element Financial (EFN TSX), Precision Drilling (PD TSX), and Paramount Resources (POU TSX)
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PowerShares Senior Loan Portfolio (NYSE: BKLN): An Alternative High-Income Investment You've Probably Never Heard Of

Wall Street is famous for creating new products. Sometimes, these products prove to be disastrous, like derivatives on subprime mortgages were in 2008. At other times, new products turn out to be beneficial to individual investors. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are an example of a Wall Street innovation that helped individual investors.

Assets in ETFs topped $1.6 trillion in October, and individual investors have more than 1,250 funds to invest in.

The vast number of ETFs serves two purposes. First, a large number of investment options provides individual investors with an opportunity to diversify their portfolio. Second, it provides a way for fund sponsors to maximize their potential revenue by having products that appeal to almost all investors.  (more)

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Silver & Gold Surge On POMO; DeMark Tells Santelli “Big Move Coming”

zerohedge.com / by Tyler Durden 

Despite numerous “13s”, infamous technical analyst Tom DeMark tells Rick Santelli, the Fed’s liquidity pump has negated every one of these ‘potential sell’ signals and stocks have “unusually” kept going. DeMark goes on to note several analogs and trendlines that look extremely familiar; warning that the convergence of all these signals is notable and suggest “something comparable to 1929“. Unable to get a word in edgeways, Santelli is more intrigued by DeMark’s call on precious metals as he notes with downside limited, there is “a big move coming” for gold to the upside in 2014. Precious metals prices started to accelerate as POMO started (and again when it ended) and are extending the gains post DeMark (Silver +4% from early lows).
DeMark on the equity market analogs and Gold’s coming big move…

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Is This the Bottom For Bonds?

There’s a lot of pessimism out there in the bond market, specifically US Treasury Bonds. Is this it, should we all just assume that rates rip from here and bond prices see another leg down? Prices of bonds are hanging out near multi-year lows and the bearishness seen across the bond sentiment and bond allocation polls is off the charts.
Back in September, I was one of the biggest bond bulls out there. I loved them when no one else did. I expected decent rally but instead got little mini-rally. It was very disappointing. There was a big jobs report the morning of November 8th, and bonds got killed. That day I said that something changed, and I was no longer a bond bull. If the data changes, you change your strategy right?
Well over the last 5-6 weeks or so, bonds have consolidated nicely. They haven’t gone lower, but haven’t rallied either. They are possibly setting up for that rally that I expected in August/September, or they are about to take a massive leg lower. Here is what the $TLT looks like, representing the longer end of the curve:
12-16-13 tltI like the fact that momentum is trying to turn up as prices try to hang on to this key support. The line in the sand to the downside is clear.  (more)
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