Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Trend Analyst: “Yes, There Will Be Riots In Major Cities” / Mac Slavo / April 6th, 2014
If you’ve watched a documentary about America’s economic situation in recent years there is a strong chance it was produced by Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends. He’s covered topics that include everything from the massive college debt bubble and the future of real estate,  to water wars and what it will look like on the day the U.S. dollar finally crashes.
In the following interview Daniel shares a wealth of knowledge and takes a practical approach for how to thrive personally and financially during an economic collapse.
This is a must-watch guide from an extremely well informed source and delves into a wide range of scenarios such as what happens with our currency and our systems of commerce within two weeks of a collapse, as well as the months that follow.
As highlighted in the video, preparing for a worst-case scenario isn’t just about putting food in your pantry, but involves a dynamic strategy depending on your specific circumstances, capabilities and needs.
Yes, there will be riots in major cities… Yes, the U.S. is going to lose its dominance in the world…
In 2008… I think that was just the beginning… That was scratching the surface of what’s to come… the truth was almost revealed.
Within the next five, not later than ten years, I think the truth is going to come out… It’s fraudonomics… Everything is built on fraud and manipulation… and I think once this thing hits and once it comes out, and the U.S. dollar loses its reserve status, or at least there’s a change in the global currency system, I think Americans are in for a huge shock. 
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Pan Orient Energy (POE-V) Oil Triple Threat and Next Ten Bagger?

A friend told me about Pan Orient Energy (POE-V) a few weeks ago. It looks interesting. I spent some time on the phone with company president Jeff Chisholm about their plans for the future. They have become a sponsor and will be on both 321gold and 321energy.
Pan Orient is a triple threat.
They have operations in Thailand where they have existing oil production. On February 10 they announced oil sales of just over 500 BOPD. They followed that up with another press release on Feb 26 where they announced approval of their environmental impact assessment that allowed them to turn on three additional wells and increase total production from the L53 field to 1,100 BOPD. The Thailand operations alone will provide about $27 million a year free cash flow. This is on a company with a market cap today of only $110 million. Trading for 4 times cash flow seems pretty cheap and that project is only one of three.  (more)
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Watch Chesapeake Energy (NYSE: CHK) for a Breakout 'Buy' Signal

The energy sector has showed great relative strength in recent weeks. While the broader market has been choppy and momentum groups such as social media and biotech have taken a beating, energy stocks have steadily rallied.
This constructive price action led me to take a closer look at a number of energy stocks, one of them being Chesapeake Energy (NYSE: CHK). The natural gas and oil producer looks enticing from a technical standpoint, as it appears to be on the verge of breaking out of a multi-month trading range.
On March 28, the Energy Select Sector SPDR (NYSE: XLE) broke past a multi-month resistance level around $88.50, which may be just the beginning of a multi-month rally.  (more)

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HD Supply Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: HDS)

HD Supply Holdings, Inc. operates as an industrial distribution company in North America. It operates in four segments: Facilities Maintenance, Waterworks, Power Solutions, and White Cap. The company distributes maintenance, repair, and operations products, including electrical and lighting items, plumbing products, HVAC products, appliances, janitorial supplies, hardware, kitchen and bath cabinets, window coverings, textiles and guest amenities, healthcare maintenance products, and water and wastewater treatment products; fasteners, builders hardware, ropes and chains, and plumbing accessories; and kitchen cabinets, windows, plumbing materials, masonry, electrical equipment, lumber, flooring and tools, and tool rentals.
To review HD’s stock, please take a look at the 9-month chart of HDS (HD Supply Holdings, Inc.) below with my added notations:
9-month chart of HDS (HD Supply Holdings, Inc.)
HDS has been trading between $21 and $25 for most of its existence. The stock had created a clear level of resistance at that $25 (blue), which was also a 52-week high (or 9 month) resistance. A break through that level would most likely mean higher prices for the stock, and as you can see from the chart, HDS finally broke higher last week on a nice spike in volume.

The Tale of the Tape: HDS broke out to a new 52-week high. A long trade could be made near $25 with a stop placed below that level. A break back below $25 would negate the forecast for a continued move higher.
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Technician: No Signs of a Market Top; Use Pullbacks as Buying Opportunities

Richard Dickson, Chief Market Analyst at Lowry Research, recently joined Financial Sense Newshour to give an update on their buying power/selling pressure gauges and to explain why they don't see any signs of a market top, whether it's possible to "time the market," and the likelihood of another 10% correction before heading higher.
On their gauges and a market top, he said:
“What’s really been happening over the last month or so has been more of a drop in selling pressure than a rise in buying power…overall [however], the balance is fine. You have a very nice positive spread between buying power and selling pressure. So, we’re not seeing any of the usual signs that would suggest this market is getting anywhere close to an end.”  (more)

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