Tuesday, November 25, 2014

US Stocks Surge To ‘Best’ Streak In 86 years

zerohedge.com / by Tyler Durden on 11/24/2014 16:03
The last few weeks have been the strongest and most consistent rallies in US equity market history. US equity markets have traded above their 5-day moving average for 27 days – the longest such streak since March 1928 (h/t MKM’s John Krinsky) and all amid  GDP downgrades, missed PMIs, and downward earnings outlook revisions. Given the holiday week, it is hardly surprising volume was weak today. Stocks were very mixed today with Russell 2000 and Nasdaq leading the way (along with Trannies) as Dow and S&P showed very small gains – to record highs though. Bonds were also bid with a strong 2Y auction extending the drops in yields (0-2bps) led by 7Y. The USDollar fell 0.4% – led by EUR strength – as JPY, CAD, and AUD all weakened. Despite USD weakness, oil (big drop intraday), copper, and gold also dropped on the day with silver ending +0.25%. VIX dropped to 12.66 – its lowest close in over 2 months.

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3 Auto Stocks to Buy for Surging Growth in 2015

The majority of U.S. equities have outperformed auto stocks during this most recent bull market. However, economic conditions are picking up for this industry. 2015 looks to book solid growth in both domestic and foreign car sales which will lead the charge in gains for these three stocks Bret Jensen loves to own.
Global auto production and sales in 2014 has been a mixed bag. Domestic sales racked up another good year and are close to being back to the robust levels before the financial crisis. This strength should continue in 2015 with the average age of a U.S. vehicle being over a decade, low financing rates, and the best spurt of job growth in a decade.
Europe continues to struggle with new car registrations near two decade lows. In addition, sanctions on Russia have cratered sales from Europe to Russia. However, auto registrations in the Eurozone have started to creep up in recent months.
FSouth America is suffering through slowing growth and plunging currencies have negatively impacted American operations there. Finally, Chinese auto sales continued to grow at a solid clip. This is a critical market and likely to be the largest auto market for decades to come. Importantly, U.S. automakers are gaining share mostly against the Japanese makers in the Middle Kingdom. Ford (NYSE: F) has doubled its market share over the past two years. (more)

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Diversifying Your Portfolio With Rare Strategic Metals – Cayman Conference Speaker

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High-Yielding Upstream Energy MLPs Solid Buys Despite Oil Drop: Breitburn Energy Partners L.P. (NASDAQ: BBEP), Memorial Production Partners L.P. (NASDAQ: MEMP), Legacy Reserves L.P. (NASDAQ: LGCY), Linn Energy LLC (NASDAQ: LINE)

The huge drop in oil is really starting to show up at the pump for consumers, and right before the holidays that is a blessing. It is also showing up in energy-related stocks and master limited partnerships (MLPs). This may prove to be a blessing for patient, long-term aggressive energy growth and income investors. A new report from UBS documents that the fall in oil prices has certainly made investors nervous, and specific company by company thesis may need to be reviewed.
The UBS team thinks that the upstream MLPs need to continue to execute accretive acquisitions to offset naturally declining reserves and production. They point out the industry catch-22, as many energy and production companies may be sellers of assets, while the MLPs are constrained by cash shortages to make deals. (more)

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It’s Decision Time For Gold, Miners, And The Dollar

zerohedge.com / by mickeyman via World Complex blog / 11/24/2014 12:51
Last month we saw this chart–in which the swings in the GoldxUSDX index had formed a triangle going back over a year. At that time we were quite close to the apex.

The last few weeks have been eventful. We saw a clear break below the lower trendline, followed by a bounce up above the upper trendline. It appears a decision has been made.

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Energy Transfer Equity (NYSE: ETE)

Energy Transfer Equity, L.P., through its subsidiaries, provides diversified energy-related services in the Unites States. The company sells natural gas to electric utilities, independent power plants, local distribution companies, industrial end-users, and other marketing companies. In addition, it provides natural gas compression services for customer specific systems; and treating services, such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide removal, natural gas cooling, and dehydration.
Take a look at the 1-year chart of Energy Transfer (NYSE: ETE) below with added notations:
ETE was on a nice uptrend until October caused the stock to tank. However, just as quickly as the stock fell it rallied right back up again. During the last 3 months the stock had also created a clear level of resistance at $62.50 (green). That resistance level was also a 52-week high resistance. Earlier this week, ETE broke to a new high, and the $62.50 level should now provide support on any pullbacks. A break below $62.50 could signal a false breakout.

The Tale of the Tape: ETE broke out to a new 52-week high. A long trade could be made near $62.50 with a stop placed below that level. A break back below $62.50 would negate the forecast for a continued move higher.
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