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What Will Happen In 2016? The Greater Depression? Economic Predictions By Expert John Sneisen

Here, author and economic systems expert John Thore Stub Sneisen gives his economic predictions for 2016.

* The Canadian Dollar will continue to crash.

*We will see negative interest rates in most major western countries.

*Oil will hit new record lows.
"Under $20 is very possible as less and less economic demand is forcing the price down as supply is steadily increasing."

*We might see one or more hyper-inflationary events in 2016 "as currencies will get abused and distrusted by the public in several countries."
-Notably Argentina and Venezuela
-Venezuela is seeing a 720% inflation rate this year.

*All out war in the Middle East as Shiites, Sunnis and Jews confront each other.

*2016 Market Crashes.
-Largely due to being pumped up by cheap credit and Quantitative Easing by Central Banks.
-China has recently been forced to buy shares for 230 Yuan in order to desperately keep their massive real estate and commodity bubble afloat and to keep consumer in a certainty market. Bankers are there to make a profit off of you. They will tell you whatever they can to keep you convinced that the markets are fine so they can exit while you buy at record highs.

*Commodities fall further down in a deflationary spiral while Gold might inch up on risk.
-You have to remember that gold is heavily manipulated through the paper gold price GLD on COMEX.
-This will just continue, but we might see a breakout as COMEX is dangerously near default as the paper to gold ratio is at record ponzi-scheme highs!

*Bail In regimes will come as stock markets collapse and banks collapse as they have gambled trillions of dollars that do not exist in derivative products.
-When you have money in a bank account that money is not yours and the bank will use that money to recapitalize itself as they lose money on their derivative betting and gambling.
-Think that bail-ins are something that will never happen? Consider the new legislation in Canada, EU and the US. (See links 1, 2, 3 and 4 below!)

*Corporations will start suing governments as TTP and TTIP and other free trade agreements are in place.
-This legislations makes it possible for big multinational corporations to sue local governments if they have different rules that could hinder them from future profits.
-This is just a gigantic power grab. (see link 5 and 6 below)

*A big terrorist attack in the U.S. to cover up a potentially big market crash?
-They did it in 2001 to cover up the dot com crash which normally unfolding would have crashed the system and global failure would have been imminent.
-Remember the $10k capital control implemented in the banking system after 9/11?
-A great way to strangle people's freedom of currency movement.

*More bankruptcies as more and more debt and unfunded liabilities are strangling local and national governments worldwide.
-We will also see an increase in pensions and other government promises disappearing! So much for the money you paid to these programs.
-Your money will not be safe in Fiat Currencies in 2016! (see link 7)

*Watch out for the IMF and the World Bank as they push more countries into Special Drawing Rights debt.
-They continue to try and spread their currency and strangle economies under water with cheap money that they will never pay back and then they will take your resources, land and infrastructure from you as you default on your IMF loans! (see link 8)

*Bigger inequality problems as governments continue to help bankers and corporations to accumulate more and more power in the economy.
-We don’t have capitalism today in a free market way, instead we have Keynesian government spending and corporate fascism!
-The more money printed and the more QE and lower interest rates, the more power those with access to this cheap money will get!

*More riots and looting as governments and big banks will be pushing division of groups and racism to put them up against each other instead of uniting us all to change the monetary system and governments for the better.

*A big drop in Small and Medium size businesses as more taxation, legislation and rules strangle the most important people in the economy.
-The backbone of any economy.

*The China Debt bubble will unravel as they have seen a massive raise in debt and will de-leverage!

Stay tuned for more!

Ratings Momentum Report

This is the list of the 25 companies that have been upgraded by (or have had their price target increased) brokerages the most during the last ninety days.

Most Upgraded Companies

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US Weekly Economic Calendar

time (et) report period ACTUAL forecast previous
8:30 am Chicago Fed national activity Jan.   -- -0.22
9:45 am Markit PMI flash Feb.   -- 52.4
9 am Case-Shiller U.S. home prices Dec.   -- 5.3% yoy
10 am Consumer confidence Feb.   96.9 98.1
10 am Existing home sales Jan.   5.40 mln 5.46 mln
10 am New home sales Jan.   528,000 544,000
8:30 am Weekly jobless claims 2/20
-- N/A
8:30 am Durable goods orders Jan.   3.3% -5.0%
8:30 am Gross domestic product 4Q   0.3% 0.7% (4Q)
8:30 am Advance trade in goods Jan.
-$61.2 bln -$61.5 bln
10 am Consumer sentiment Feb.   91.9 90.7
10 am Personal income Jan.   0.4% 0.3%
10 am Consumer spending Jan.   0.4% 0.0%
10 am Core inflation Jan   -- 0.0%