Thursday, April 14, 2016

AMDA Amedica Bouncing Off Support, Getting Ready to Turn?

PEIX Pacific Ethanol Bounced Off Support and Broke Resistance $6.75 Target

FCAU Fiat Chrysler Bouncing Off Support Indicators Turning Up

CONN Conn's Breaks Support then Resistance Now Bullish with Indicators Confirming

FEYE FireEye Broke Resistance Indicators Turning Up, Target Mid-Twenties

Does the Bullish Percentage Rate (Confidence) in the Market Mean Anything?

Caterpillar $CAT, Joy Global $JOY, Major Drilling $MDI.TO: 3 Gold ‘picks and shovels’ stocks should be on your radar

Gold is up around 20% since bottoming at $1,050 per ounce in mid-December – a huge move in such a short period of time.
And the gains in gold stocks have been even more incredible. Gold producer Barrick Gold (ABX) is up 135%… gold explorer NovaGold Resources (NG) is up 53%… royalty company Franco-Nevada (FNV) is up 51%… and the Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners Fund (GDXJ) is up 73%.
But right now, I’m keeping my eye on one group of gold stocks that should really take off if gold continues to climb higher…(more)