Friday, March 4, 2016

ATW: Atwood Oceanics, Breakout on High Volume and Indicators Confirm New Bull Move

GPRO: GoPro, Broke First of Two Resistance Lines, Indicators Pointing Higher

TWTR: Twitter Broke Two Resistance Lines Today, New Bullish Move

VHC: VirnetX Holding, Strong Possibility For New Up Move

Market Forecast for Gold, Miners, Bonds & Broad Market

Copper, Crude Oil and Gold

Copper has been on our watch list for sometime now as it is a leading indicator of economic investment and strength and with the recent upside breakout on March 2 all we can say is that copper is trying to tell us something.

Crude Oil
As well crude oil has found a bottom and heading higher and we are sitting at overhead resistance of $35 and looking good.
Of course we are biased as we are serious investors in the precious metals, but gold also is trying to tell us something as we are on the verge of breaking to the upside out of this triangle formation (see below) and heading to the $1400 area. Gold seems to be sensing some monetary panic is coming from Central Bankers.