Saturday, May 2, 2020

Canadian Real Estate Prices Could Drop Up To 30%, Moody’s Advises Institutions

One of the world’s largest risk advisory firms says Canadian real estate won’t be spared. Moody’s Analytics released their Canadian Q2 forecast, showing how COVID-19 will impact the Canadian economy. The firm advised their institutional clients that real estate will be impacted, with even an optimistic scenario showing price declines.

Risk Assumptions and Baselines

First, a quick note for non-analysts on the basics of assumptions and baselines. Analysts take a snapshot of environmental variables, and then create a baseline forecast. The baseline is a reasonable assumption of what would happen, if everything went as expected from today. From there, they have various impact scenarios that are based on any increase of risk.  (more)

Mining Stock Daily Mining Stock Daily : Is Market Sentiment Overly Optimistic?

Rob Sinn @ceotechnician joins us once again to give us some reason to be concerned about the optimism in the overall markets today and this week. Rob also shares some thoughts on specific junior companies, including Great Bear, Westhaven and Minera Alamos.