Friday, July 11, 2014

Dr. Frackenstein – Tales From The Oil Patch

from Financial Survival Network
Our weary petroleum engineer Dr. Frack returns with some interesting news. Seems like the oil industry has become too fixated on quarterly results and is ignoring some troubling safety issues. Not earthquakes in Oklahoma or gas coming out of your kitchen faucet. No we’re talking about H2S gas that has the potential to kill people. Dr. Frack is fed up with them cutting corners. We’re not talking about the inherent dangers of fracking, we’re talking about risky behaviors that companies engage in to save money. There’s a big difference.
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Chart of the Day - Argan (AGX)

The Chart of the Day belongs to Argan (AGX). I found the stock by sorting today's All Time High list for the stock that had gained the most in the last 12 month. Argan gained 148.25%. Since the Trend Spotter signaled a buy on 5/9 the stock gained 34.07%,

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Selling Hits Gold Late In Session; Miners Hit Hard

by Dan Norcini
Trader Dan Norcini

It did not take long for the longs in the gold mining sector to start a wave of profit taking. That came in when the mining indices could not extend their early-in-the-session gains. As a matter of fact, the opening print on many issues was the high for the day, or very near the high of the day. From that point forward, the shares drifted lower most of the session until they began to accelerate lower during the last hour of trading.
The result is a SHORT-TERM sell signal on the price chart although no major damage has been done to the uptrend at this point.
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Dennis Gartman Does It Again: “We Are Going Back To Being “Pleasantly” Long “ / by Tyler Durden /
It has become clear that no price is too small to subsribe to Gartman’s newsletter and always, always, do the opposite.
From his July 10th letter to “clients”
following the release yesterday afternoon of the latest minutes from the FOMC which make it very clear that the Fed’s propensity to tighten monetary policy in the near future is near zero. We may have thought that the market was over-bought and due for a correction, but we are going back to being “pleasantly” long rather than market neutral for the Fed’s wind is at our back.
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Precious Metals Miners The Beginning of the End ! / By Rambus / 10 July 2014
I think today’s price action marks a very important confirmation point in the precious metals stock indexes, at least for the intermediate to longer term outlook. Finally, after a year of chopping around in small up and down moves, we are starting to get some confirmation that this one year trading range is indeed a reversal pattern and not a consolidation pattern. When a big patterns like this ends is when you get the big impulse moves which is where you make the real money.

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