Tuesday, January 7, 2014

FreeSeas (NASDAQ: FREE) Low-Priced Shipper Can Easily Soar 100% in the Next 90 Days

Active trading is a never-ending educational process. No matter how long one has participated in the endeavor, there is always something new to learn. I have actively invested in the financial markets since 1990, and I am constantly fascinated by new ideas and even sectors.

This is how the markets have captivated me for over two decades. They are never boring and are constantly offering up new ways to capture profits. 

My stock screener recently alerted me to a low-priced stock that could easily double in the next 90 days. This company is part of an industry that I knew very little about, so I set out to learn all I could prior to investing. What I learned got me very excited about this company's potential.

If you have ever spent time on the beach, you have certainly noticed several large cargo ships traveling along the horizon. These ships transport products around the world from their country of manufacturer.   (more)

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