Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jim Rogers: Prepare for a lost decade or more

Jim Rogers :'s a charade it is a scam they are no going to do anything seriouse they are going to announce something either the day before the day of or the day after they are gonna say everything is OK but in 6 months from now a year from now America is going to be in worse shape than it is now they are going to continue to spend and drive us all deeper into debt we have been doing this for 40 years it is not going to go anywhere ....

There are 5 days until the default date of August 2nd. How will this affect everyday Americans? While Obama and Boehner play chicken Jim Rogers, co-founder of Quantum fund, sounds off on the economic issue. Is this a political charade . The politicians are too above of listening to the people. No fucking wonder! They are just way out of touch. Stocks are rallying on borrowed time. We are in a recovery on borrowed time. Jim Rogers is right.

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