Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cycles Say Silver Will Be Stronger Than Gold – Charles Nenner Research

Gold continues its struggle this Tuesday and Kitco News speaks with Charles Nenner Research’s managing director David Gurwitz to find out what the cycles are telling him. Gurwitz says that although gold may go as low as the $1,120 level, he expects the metal to bounce soon. “It’s the process of bottoming and it could still go a little lower,” he says. “But we are looking to go long pretty soon.” Gurwitz also says he expects the dollar to start heading down starting next year. “We generally look at gold in dollar terms,” he says. “We think gold is going to retest its highs down the road.” Looking at silver, Gurwitz says he sees a more promising future for the industrial metal. “Silver is going to be stronger than gold, we think silver can double.” Tune in now to see what the cycles are telling him about unemployment, nonfarm payrolls, CPI, and more! 
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