Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bitcoin Crash Explained

Mt Gox Security Breach : What was behind the price crash on the biggest Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox? Turns out Mt. Gox wasn't following simple security rules

Bitcoin continues to decline at the same time complaints are being made about lost bitcoins from several companies being hacked. I PREDICTED this one week ago because of the Charts, Volume and Pricing. Maybe Bitcoin will be right back to $1200 but I wouldn't BET on it. It broke right through it's Support levels. Stocks crash overnight all the time but there are usually signs and this is one of the reasons Traders rarely hold positions overnight or going into the weekend. Some people are also saying that companies like Coin base and Mt Gox are somehow keeping their money for periods of time and rejecting their funds. Hackers are attacking systems and people are losing their Bitcoin wallets with no ability to get them back or recover them from their computers. Please share this article

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