Saturday, January 18, 2014

Canada Housing Bubble – Far Too Late for Warnings – Rule of Predictions

A recent parade of articles discusses the prospects of a pending Canadian housing bust. For example, The Globe and Mail reports Bank CEOs ‘should be worried’ about real estate.
Ed Clark, Toronto-Dominion Bank’s outspoken chief executive officer, is playing the contrarian card one more time, publicly arguing that he and his fellow bank CEOs should be cautious about the country’s heated real estate market.
While he isn’t worried about a full-blown bust, Mr. Clark believes chief executives simply can’t ignore warning signs in the market – particularly the sudden run up in prices for real estate of all stripes. “If you run a bank, you should be worried about it,” he told the audience at a bank conference in Toronto.
The only thing I am confused about is why Ed Clark isn’t concerned about a “full-blown bust”.  (more)

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