Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How to Turn a 45% Loss into a 296% Gain in Real Estate

Real estate investors could have saved a chunk of change... if they had followed my "timing trigger."
Over the past couple weeks, I've been walking you through how to time your purchase of income investments. My strategies allow you to collect higher dividend payments and larger capital gains.
You can use them with all sorts of income-paying assets... like big blue chips, utility stocks, MLPs, and corporate bonds.
They also work in real estate...
Real estate investment trusts (or "REITs") allow income investors to collect "rent" without the hassles of owning property...
A REIT is essentially a management company that owns property... It collects rents. And it gets big tax breaks in exchange for agreeing to pass on the vast majority of its annual income to shareholders.  (more)

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