Tuesday, September 3, 2013

5 Growth Stocks Poised to Profit in the Fourth Quarter: NFLX, CMG, HLF, EOG, SPLK

Sometimes the best things are hiding in plain sight, as the old saying goes. Keeping that in mind, Joe Fahmy of Zor Capital joins Breakout to discuss his top five stock picks poised to deliver results in the fourth quarter.

To be clear, Fahmy characterizes these stocks as aggressive and suitable for active investors. He also stresses that market momentum is a common theme that applies to the entire quintet, which is clear from the very first name. "I traffic in growth stocks," he says, "but if I'm wrong, it's not a big deal because I stop myself out."

Here are Fahmy's picks:

Netflix (NFLX)
Conspicuously hiding atop the S&P 500's year-to-date winner's list (with a 212% gain so far this year), Netflix makes the cut due to its strong institutional support, great technicals and very good relative strength as it has continued to rise even as the market has softened up this month. (more)

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