Monday, July 29, 2013

Biodel (NASDAQ: BIOD): Under $5 Biotech Stock on the Verge of a Potential 82% Breakout

I like trading biotech stocks under $10. These little dynamos can be powerful wealth creation tools if wisely chosen and traded within a well-diversified portfolio.

I am sure I don't need to say it to any experienced investors, but a word of caution is needed whenever mentioning biotech trading. Biotech stocks are notoriously volatile and can be an account killer if not managed with the utmost respect for risk. 

Knowing which biotech stocks to buy and which to avoid is a science in and of itself. This process can become so complicated that often the best biotech investors are medical doctors or pharmaceutical research PhDs. These individuals can drill into the scientific nuances of the various biotech products to determine the ones that have a high chance of success.

Well, what about the rest of us -- those of us without high-level degrees in the sciences? Is success still possible trading biotech stocks? (more)

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