Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Great Depression- The Road To Rock Bottom

As economic collapse takes its toll on America, farmers protest; mortgages are called in by banks; robberies increase dramatically; and in the summer of 1932, the U.S. Army is called in to quell the Veterans' Bonus March on Washington DC.
when the dollar is worthless. None of this is going to last. This will be a complete and total collapse, even worse than what people experienced during the Great Depression. At least in a deflation, prices fall and your currency gains purchasing power. We will get prices rising astronomically and the total destruction of our currency via hyperinflation. And the government will lie and blame it all on capitalism, of course. Hyperinflationary depression is rapidly approaching and will create suffering on the American landscape the likes this country has never experienced before....including the Great Depression! The real criminals then were the "central banks" and they are the real criminals now as well! The Federal Reserve and the other central banks are nothing more than a financial criminal syndicate fleecing the people for their hard earned money for their own greedy purposes!

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