Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weather Manipulation Causing Drought - Food Shortages on the Way!

This is the broadcast from Tuesday July 17, 2012. Joe Joseph and Gwen Caldwell discuss the menacing drought afflicting most of the U.S. and what it means in terms of food shortages , It explains why crops are failing, why food and gas prices will go up in the fall and fresh water is disappearing . The U.S. just announced a state of emergency in 26 states because of drought, which has dramatically effected the corn supply. this mono crop mega agro may fail.The price of food across America will skyrocket due to inflation caused by a year of irregular weather patterns. Start Storing Survival Food . Make a plan early and prepare. US soil requires crude oil to grow, not sustainable. Buy seeds and supplies and a small plot to garden on. Biospharms develop small sustainable mini farms off the grid in tropical countries where the soil is good. Have an emergency retreat at low cost and no maintenance. Your family depends on you.

Short winter and severe drought will cut expected 2012 corn crop in HALF. Corn is used in thousands of products - either as filler or via corn syrup. Plus, it is a major food source for livestock. That means, the price of all kinds of food will jump as the year comes to an end. What the well intentioned guest fails to mention is how the Chicago Mercantile exchange has significant influence on food prices. Some people feel the word is over populated – the problem is not over population; the fact is the world is underdeveloped. If mankind only cooperated together and lost the thirst for war, the sky would be the limit to what he could achieve. We have no one to blame but ourselves and the vast mismanagement of the world’s resources; this is a mathematical reality.

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