Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jim Rogers to Faber: You're Wrong About China

Economist and editor of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report Marc Faber shouldn't be so gloomy when it comes to the Chinese economy, says investor and noted Asian bull Jim Rogers.

There's no hard landing on the way for China as Faber claims, Rogers says.

"Marc still does not understand China. There are going to be several hard landings in the next few years, but China’s will be less hard overall than others such as Greece, U.S., et al," Rogers tells CNBC in an email.
Chinese authorities have taken steps to cool the economy's rapid growth and while pockets of the country will see somewhat abrupt slowdowns, the country as a whole will not, Rogers insists.
"Yes, there will be consolidations in the commodity bull market just as all markets have consolidations."

"In 1987, stocks declined 40-80 percent worldwide, but it was not the end of the secular bull market in stocks."

Faber, who accurately called the 1987 stock market crash as well as last the selloff last August, told CNBC recently that China's economy depends heavily on capital spending, which tends to be volatile and intensifies the intensity of slowdowns.

Rogers, who accurately called the commodities rally over the last few years, remains bullish on raw materials, and he's not alone.
Central Banks have been injecting liquidity into their economies to avoid crippling deflation and a return to recession, and that surge in money supply will weaken paper currencies and make commodities an attractive hedge, according to Renaissance Asset Managers, a unit of Moscow-based Renaissance Group.

"Money will continue to be plentiful and free, and that will continue to underwrite a commodity cycle," says Renaissance Chief Investment Officer Plamen Monovski, Bloomberg reports.

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