Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Incurable European Mess

Dear Extended Family,

Gold is headed into the $2000s. The mess in Europe is incurable and can only be damage controlled by QE.

MF Global got busted because credit default swaps did not work. MF Global had their Greek and Euro bond position covered by credit default swaps that they thought would protect them. SURPRISE!

They did not work because the Greek situation of a 50% haircut was given another name than “default” by a select group of Banksters and related parties.

97% of all credit default swaps written are carried by the major US banks. That means 97% of all the credit default swaps are the US usual Bankster suspects that swore to be more conservative in their ways.

If the Greek referendum is determined to represent a Greek default, major US banks will return to public insolvency and be bailed out yet another time because of the fraudulent nature OTC derivatives.

You think that game was rigged? China is coming to the rescue of no one. China specializes in picking up the pieces from troubled areas, not being troubled by troubled areas.

After Europe comes the US as media has been successful in keeping the focus of the problems off the US dollar. The only problem with gold shares is the hedge fund wild men and women that will in the end fail to stop the super bull market that is sure to come.

What is good for gold (QE) is also good for general equities so be careful on those that see doom everywhere.

Playing any one currency today is hard. Better hold a spread and seek to maintain buying power only. Competitive forced devaluation is the tool of strong currencies making it hard for exports in that currency. This is another example of making the Western world economic problems worse by curing the strong currency using liquidity to weaken it.

What today’s economic managers don’t know is Titanic in nature. There is no practical solution to the economic problems of today making gold in all forms desirable long term.

Jim Sinclair

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