Thursday, September 29, 2011

Add The Ukraine To List Of Countries On Verge Of Technical Default

In this messed up post-Keynesian world which is so insolvent, it is virtually impossible to keep track of who is about to default, either technically, selectively, or really, who is already bankrupt, who is hyperinflating, and so forth. And while we all know that Europe and the US can at best hope to kick the can for a month at a time until finally they all have to face the truth, we are happy to bring to your attention the latest entrant to the technical default club: Ukraine, which will shortly join its former USSR satellite Belarus in the hyperinflation club. The fact is that the Ukraine is slowly imploding - the government had stopped Treasury payments for all budget expenses in an attempt to accumulate the cash needed to make a coupon payment on debt and which apparently investors are unwilling to roll. In all fairness, the news update indicates that the country just barely made the 5.3 billion hryvnia payment, but that may be it for now. What about the next one? Time to add some Ukraine CDS to that bankrupt sovereign basket, no matter how overflowing it may be at this point.

From, google translated:

A few hours of Ukraine may find itself in a state of technical default

Since Friday, September 23, TREASURY stop the flow of funds for all treasury accounts at the central and local levels.

This is the Ukrainian Center for entrepreneurship with reference to this derzhustanovi.

VTSSPD believes that this situation indicates an attempt to accumulate the funds needed to repay the September 28, two series of bonds totaling over 5.3 billion USD.

"As of 5:00pm on Sept. 28 debt is not paid. This suggests that within a few hours of Ukraine may find itself in a state of technical default" - said in a statement.

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